To:  Winkin, Blinkin, and NOD

Dear WBN,

We, as a Christian and a Constitutional Website, highly recommend that you and your administration honor our relationship with Israel as a friend and an “ALL IN” ally, no matter how beholding you may be to the middle east, Russia or China.  If we can subsidize EV costs at 17$ per gallon, the sluggish Ukrainian efforts, Covid wizardry and canceled wind generators off the coast of New Jersey, none of which is working, we can fund Israeli to it’s fullest need.  Besides, we are already 10 times bankrupt, so what difference does it make in our national checkbook.  What is the difference when we are overdrawn to the tune of a bi-partisan 32 trillion dollars?

This recommendation goes far beyond politics.   Getting re-elected is small potatoes compared to Biblical edicts and prophesy as we are sure that you are aware.  If you want to drill all this down to politics, please remember that there are an estimated 80 million Christians in the United States and they all vote.  We do not believe that the giddy LBGT community can really get you over the finish line.  Moreover, with a poor decision, you can change the course of the lives of 340,000,000 people in the USA forever.  See: Genesis 12, verse 3.  Remember:  IN GOD WE TRUST?

It is very evident, in the recent times of your administration, that you are all steering this country to a hard left aligning with other efforts in preparations for a soft landing regarding a one world everything which is conveniently shown also as prophecy.  You ALL are walking down a dangerous path that could consume us as a nation.

It is interesting that nowhere in the Bible is the USA mentioned, specifically or in a cloaked manner, not even a hint.  We are still pondering that fact.  Please do not become the reason for that.

Be Careful with your steps for there is much more at risk than just four more years of ice cream, vacations and foreboding stairways.

Be Aware:  We don’t remember Hitler fretting over the collateral damage to the English during their war there and we do not remember the Japanese fretting over same for Americans in Hawaii. MacArthur’s entire army was ( sacrificed ) in the Philippines until late in the war in the Pacific. We do remember the Japanese suffering terribly in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  So get a spine and buck up!

Unhappily, war is war. This is not a game.  Just ask the folks at the music festival on November 7th that survived that evening.  It seems that Hamas were actually targeting civilians that night.

Beware:  One can not be half pregnant even though you are giving it a mighty try.  It is no secret that you are funding, with our money, both sides of this conflict and we would love to hear your explanation of all that.  Trust that, as citizens, we are much more astute than you may believe.  It seems that you are the only folks living in a bubble.  Guess what?, Israel has the IRON DOME and an IRON CLAD PROMISE from God with or without the USA.

We are as tired of this charade as is Jean Pierre fatigued. She looks older with no light in her eyes.  To evade, spin and lie daily must be an exhausting job.  One can present rotten eggs as bloomin’ onions for only so long and then the odor becomes overwhelming.