The Society


We are beginning our “Society of the Pondering Patriots” at this time.

We wish to grow a following so as to become an astute, informed group that can wield powerful resistance when necessary to the various halls of government, be they Congress, the Senate, various Boards of Education, the Teachers’  union or any business entity that we may want to influence.  We will be concerned with Constitutional Pursuit and mindful that there is power in NUMBERS and in the PURSE.

We can wield our power through letters, petitions, boycotts, public opinion and education and litigation. All members can and are invited to offer member writings. suggestion, and opinions.

In time, we will be able to offer member discounts on goods and services, a wardrobe of shirts, hats, jackets and bags all displaying our Website banner and the patriot silhouette in color.

We will offer a recommended reading list some of which as follows:  “The Koran, The Communist Manifesto, the Bible, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and  many others.  We will assist you in obtaining such writings or you may seek them out in your preferred method.

Join Now

This is an expensive endeavor, and to date we have used only my money with no regrets, however, we will eventually get around to fundraising thru item sales, gifts or donations, and membership dues.  The dues will be $17.76 annually however, the first 100 members will be considered “Cornerstone Members” and they will receive a 100  percent reduction in the first years dues equal $0.00.  Be assured that you may donate whatever you wish!

All members will receive a numbered Society card and that number will get you discounts on any items that you purchase through the group.

We will be incognito as far as member lists go and if that needs to change in the future, we will take a vote and abide by the group decision.  No names, numbers or addresses will be made public in any form unless we make a group decision first.  Please note that it will be difficult to become numerically powerful unless we are willing to prove our numbers.  I will display the number of our strength only with a number of stars shown on our Web page, each of which will represent 100 members.  So let make those stars lite up.

We do not want to become just one more money hungry entity that does blind mailings and talks a big story with little action or result.

We envision this group to be known as a large, astute, unemotional action group whose pursuit is to honor our constitution, press for others to honor the same in government, work, school, church and in our daily lives and one that dispels those emotional tantrums that declare our country largely racist, gun toting religious zealots, or doomed if we do not buy an electric car next week.

We all understand that the environment needs to be honored but it will not ever become as prolific as it might have been a million years ago, and certainly not instantly, just because we destroy the petroleum industry, the automobile industry, the airline industry, and the steel industry killing up to 11,000,000 jobs.  Bit by bit.

We can become all of this by becoming educated in at least, Critical Thought, that deals with written facts rather than emotional reactions to 8 second sound bites and calling a spade a spade after thoughtful exploration of any given topic of concern.

Social Media, et al are emotional machines that would create a tempest in a teapot so as to get advertising dollars, caring not a whit
the damage that such techniques used do to our collective mental health, education, and government.

Be Aware that “We” will strive to be the opposite of all that.  And in the doing, in this world, funding does become very important.

Beware that our failure to help clear the air of all the emotional hoopla and to formulate a powerful energy for Good and  Clarity can only assist the “spinners” to reach their goals of the destruction of our lifestyles and all that we hold dear while enriching themselves temporarily, using those very freedoms that they intend to deny us.

There can be no “WE” or “US” without YOU in our numbers.  Please join now.

We must KNOW THY ENEMY and organize to legally, thoughtfully, economically and morally thwart any efforts to destroy that which has been and IS still the greatest form of government on EARTH.