Your are going to love this.

Biden wants to give families that were separated at the border during Trump era border management, $450,000. each. Biden calls this “Reparation”.

It is as if there is just so much money lying around the White house that it is clogging the heat vents, over heating the air conditioning units and making dinner preparations in the kitchen near impossible.  There are hundred dollar bills stuck to the butter dish, and one can not find anything in the freezer but bundles of cash.

Where did the lobster go? Where is all this money coming from?  Oh, Hunters’ art sales!

So, we should give a half million dollars to each individual that was inconvenienced while breaking the law at the border because they have suffered psychological trauma while thousands of real Americans suffer ridiculous price increases in just 10 months of the new administrations tenure: Gasoline, diesel, heating fuel, groceries and energy bills not to mention more shortages of goods which cause even higher prices, due to a pile up of freighters still anchored in the nations’ many major ports because for some reason, they can not get to the dock to off load.

Tell you what, we have suffered way more trauma each week listening to these lamed brain ideas about governing. Contradiction, flip flops, a 3.5 trillion dollar give away bill, a total melt down at the border, Covid mandates except for 10’s of thousands of illegals who bring with them disease, maladies, drugs and yes, great wardrobes, We suffer many indignities, including a great new disrespect internationally, once again.

I suppose that there is a bit of good news.

Our enemies, across the big waters,  are laughing so hard that they don’ have time to formulate cohesive policies that will further weaken us, just yet.

Beware Members!  You just can not make this stuff up.

Be Aware!  It is still Trump’s fault.