TPP is very relieved that the oppressors of parents being dictated to by arrogant school boards, are at this time, fully reprimanded, ultra taxation has been addressed, and socialistic WOKE temperament has been severely discounted. Over reaction to COVID measures have been noted and Democracy has shown itself in the heartland of freedom.

The Lame stream media has once again ignored this perfect storm in Virginia and a flooded landscape in New Jersey while clinging to their steadfast refusal to accept and report that the previously assumed position that all of America is on board with the declaration of rampant racism, and insecure WOKEness is simply false.

This magnificent rising of the American people in Virginia and New Jersey will create a ripple effect immediately in present Democratic agendas and any moderate democratic congressmen or senators are already reticent to associate their precarious offices with the insecure and ineffective WOKE

Nancy will stutter for a week, Joe will be even more glassy eyed and the squad will become demonstrably loud and arrogant, showing great and hurried desperation. The 3.5 Trillion dollar bill is dead and the 1.5 trillion dollar compromise just got changed to a ten dollar tip at a nearby restaurant.

This reality will further prove the earlier statement in the article, FEAR, that We the people will show up with the right tools for the right reasons at the right time aided by Great Clarity and Resolve, not fear.

Thanks to Trump for assisting and supporting these folks in Virginia without asserting himself publicly. He is maturing and becoming a more reasonable and skillful leader of the people and rather a King Maker then in fact, a king.

We have just witnessed two decidedly blue fail safe states turn RED electing a Christian man that believes in God, family, work, the constitution and rails against over taxation without moral representation.  The Ground Swell begins… The rest of us have thoroughly been awakened. And we Thank our God.

Ambassador to TTP