Greetings, Society Members and Readers,

The news tells us that Kyle Rittenhouse has been found “not guilty” on all counts on Friday, 11/19/21. Phew!

It must have been a great burden lifted off of the young man that could have spent most of his adult life in prison.  As seen in the post jury decision, Kyle just melted down with relief and seemed to fall on his face in a faint.

No matter what we think, no matter how we feel about this conclusion that freed Rittenhouse, it is important to take away from this that the court system worked.

A trial by jury was completed, the judge seemed to have no problem expressing his disdain to attorneys who flagrantly began their diatribe to convict by ignoring major precedents honored by US courts for the better part of 50 years, one in particular, “the right to remain silent”.

The prosecution clearly stated that the man on trial was demonstrating his “guilt” by remaining silent when he saw fit.  The fifth amendment clearly states that the accused has the right to remain silent and is not required to declare his guilt or answer questions when the answers to those questions might or in fact, do demonstrate his guilt.  Simply stated, none of us are required to help the prosecution prove our guilt, nor is a spouse required to testify against his or her spouse.

Anybody ever heard of Miranda?  You know, the required statement that must be offered by an arresting police officer to a suspect that he has the right to remain silent and that anything he might say can and will be used against him in a court of law.

Meanwhile, during the days of the trial, the lame stream media, said anything and everything that they could think of to convict Rittenhouse in the court of public opinion as follows:

*The defendant traveled across state lines with a gun

*The defendant was or is a member of a militia group

*The defendant is a white supremacist, and thus, a racist   (this word that is used wrongly often).  Please look up the definition of the word “Racist”.

All of this in a case where race was not applicable, where no black was killed or injured or a participant,  where the participants injured or killed were in fact, aggressors with guns and white.

Our media suggested by their own declaration that carrying a gun across state lines is illegal or somehow makes one suspect of a crime.  Their statement alone about moving across state lines leave the uninformed with the idea that some crime has been committed.  Not!

They state that this young man was a member of a militia. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Are militias illegal?  Sort of, many states over the years have made the attempt to discourage militia through state laws and / or local statutes.  Militias exist all over our country and have been in place for decades, so there must be something about them that allows them to exist or they would have surely been disbanded over the years.  During our revolutionary war, at any one time, about half of our freedom forces were Militia.

Is Antifa a militia, how about BLM or the Proud Boys, are they a militia?  Is a gentleman gun club a militia?  How about the Boy Scouts?  Most boy scouts are armed sooner or later, if only to learn how to handle a firearm.  Is the national guard a state organized militia?  All these are fine lines within the law in play here and it seems that militia is not necessarily illegal depending upon their action(s) of the moment.  It seems today, that militia only becomes illegal when they, the militia, insert themselves when the Fed, State, county or local law is absent, like going down to protect a gas station when it would seem that violent protests are about to happen in the vicinity of that store.

Is carrying a weapon openly illegal?  NO!   There are caveats from state to state but open carry is legal in 46 states with variations and caveats of permitting in the rest.

What about the concealed carry of a weapon?  This requires a license but is very legal.  For those of you that do not have a clue, there are approximately 20,000,000 concealed carry licenses issued and current in our country.  That, by simple math comes to 400,000 concealed carriers per state, so we can conclude that at any time of any day in most any place, there are 10’s of people carrying a firearm where ever you are standing.  Grocery store, church, a July fourth parade or at a Christmas party.

Having said this, why does the media sublimely suggest that carrying a open carry firearm across state lines while being a member of the boy scouts is illegal?

Just to be clear, Rittenhouse did not carry a gun across any state line, not that it matters..  And please note, that if one lives on or very near a state line, then he will probably cross that state line, 20 times per week.  Dry cleaning, grocery, auto mechanic, shoe store might all be just over the border even in the same county or town.

The point?  ———–   The lame stream media uses fear and suspicion that they have been teaching for years to further their diatribe that laws were broken and that militia were probably involved to cause confrontation, injury and death..   It just ain’t so, as determined by 12 jurymen after a trial and three days of deliberation.

CNN, MSNBC, and others are just plain and simply, Lying in plain sight. The MSNBC reporter covering the Rittenhouse trial, was removed and ban from the courtroom by the Judge for following, or as they would say, Stalking the jury.

Now, on Saturday, at the sublime behest of the lame stream media, there are protests in New York and Chicago so far, perpetuated by groups that desire nothing more than some feeble excuse to loot retail businesses in those places.  A new pair of stolen sneakers, a hoodie acquired by theft or a cool back pack seem to quell the issues of racism, 2nd amendment and white supremacy that in this case are not applicable at all.  And, to be sure, many of the thieves/protestors are carrying guns, illegally, and acting as an organized unit to complete their protests by confrontation while scoring a new wardrobe by theft.

We need to realize that the media suggesting riots and protests are CULPABLE, and the group involved in the protests/vandalism/thefts, are not really concerned about the constitution, the 2nd amendment, the 5th amendment, et al.  They are concerned about the pursuit of profit through civil unrest.  The ignorant self sabotage of and by those that are perpetuating these civil demonstrations are really there for no other reason than to blow off some steam, get a Soros paycheck and score some new stolen treasures from innocent unsuspecting retailers.  Though for sure, it seems that our constitution and its’ amendments are held hostage by knee jerk reaction allowed by the absent procrastinating good people of our nation coupled by the actions and in-actions of an unconscious government that has lost control of the country and yes, their own minds.

How is it somehow, just or honorable for the righteously indignant demonstrators to violently and destructively protest something that did not happen using the same methods that are being protested?  The protestors are a group, a militia, armed, and in fact, are destroying businesses by malicious damage and theft.  And where is the law?

Vandalism is illegal, theft by looting is illegal, and armed gathering with intent to destroy is illegal —- Where is the media and the law today while all this is going on.  Absent, reporting from behind a dumpster or Quietly, sitting on the sidelines, Defunded.

The dis-function in this country is not about racism, the constitution, the amendments or militia.  It is not about the court systems or systemic racism.  It is really about greed and laziness, by the media (anything for a headline and lie for sensational results), the far left (that is so far from reality that they are really just (left out), corporate business (that will do what ever it takes to extract profit by misrepresenting a challenge, a leftist society that is simply unprepared for life and therefore use any excuse to justify their laziness and ineptitude, and government MEMBERS that will always feather their bed first, never allowing a perfectly good crisis to go to waste.

If you are a young white male protecting a relatives’ gas station on a day of stress, then you are a gun toting white supremacist but if you are a person of color resisting arrest while holding a knife and a counterfeit 20$ bill, you are due all constitutional diligence including bail and a free lawyer.  Go figure.

Be aware:  The motivations of many leftist perpetrators are not what they seem.  For them it is about attention, profit and emotional release to rationalize their ineptitude in the real world.

Beware:  the constitution, our amendments, and freedoms are unknowingly at risk when they are used to justify ineptitude, sloth and illicit profits.

Be Confident:  If the left is accusing us of something, then they are most assuredly guilty of their accusation of us, in present day real time.

NOTE:  Let’s stop calling the network media, the main stream media, for they are NOT main stream at all.  We hereby anoint them a unanimous new moniker!