Greetings Member and Readers

The time is very near to Right our Ship and Cleanse the deck of cultural Woke nonsense where Right seems now to be Wrong.

School curriculum, moving to allow children to make long lasting changes to their person, physically, that they are not mature enough to embrace, crime, no cash bail, police dept de-funding, inflation, the border disaster (which goes hand in hand with drug importation, human trafficking, and local  terrorism) , white guilt, and lessons distributed to us almost verbatim from the communist manifesto.

High fuel costs plus low diesel supplies plus general inflation causes products to rise in cost by some 25%, yet we led the world as #1 oil producer just 20 months ago.  Gas prices are up at least 50% and diesel is up 80%.  An 18 wheeler delivering any kind of market supplies gets 2 miles to the gallon pulling up to a 60,000 lb. load, so with fuel as high as $6 per gallon, it  costs $3.00 per mile to operate such a delivery vehicle and that is JUST fuel costs.  Not labor, not insurance, not vehicle wear and tear, not tires, not repairs, not highway taxes, and not any hope of reasonable profit.

Christianity is a woke target, live birth a target, capitalism a target, marriage a target, and work ethic a target.

We need to cleanse ourselves of selfish, pontificating, pumped up politicians that are interested in representing themselves by laying a power foundation that can only benefit the legislator or their families while they tell us who we are and how important that they are to us.  Telling half truths, spin, and woke non-sense are various new terms for the word,  Lie.

The pillars of our society are at risk: worship, work, our constitution, family and INDIVIDUALISM.

The polls are good, such as they are and now is NOT a time to become lazy and assume that your vote does not matter.

IT DOES.  Please make yourselves heard tomorrow.

Your participation is essential to Right our Ship and change our course or we may not recognize this country in a few more years.

Be aware:  Use your right to vote and be heard

Beware:  Bad things happen when good people do nothing.