Greetings members and readers,

Sometimes we are confronted with a topic that is difficult to broach.  We need to see things as they are rather than what we wish them to be.

This country is almost voluntarily confused!  We are led daily by all sorts of stimuli that are counter productive, where we demonstrate that we either have not the ability to think rationally and govern ourselves or are so bored with our lives that we accept the challenge of destroying ourselves via our economy, our country and the quality of our lives as a rebellious lark….

We are charging way beyond the line of reason like a bunch of lemming or wildebeests spun up by the act of the charge, never realizing that within a few more yards there is a cliff in our future that will end that future.  If there is any better example of being blindly led to destruction, we are perpetrating that upon ourselves presently even though we do not know who is doing the leading or to what place.  In this, there is evil present.

We need a leader in our United States that can gather us in, change our course and immediately avoid the cliff ahead as we then re-assert ourselves to once again embrace those notions that have and will correct our course to prosperity and “woe unto us”, a new acceptance of personal responsibility in all things.   That will include conservative actions embracing firm attention to government, family, God, financial prudence and work.  These ideas are not new and will get us back on course to face the challenges ahead in this world such as technologies that we are not mature enough to manage but with great care, inhibition and fear not to mention other challenges and failings like moral decay, social insanity, sloth, ungodliness and the (all about me) syndrome.

It has been stated that presently we are living in the United States of A—nything goes, abandoning real axioms, law and moral codes that have demonstrated in the past to shepherd us thru really tough times.  Those times are imminent.

WE have truly left our moral compass only to be happily manipulated by Evil in the name of self interest.

I am generally an accepting person regarding the choices of others but when a man declares on National TV that he is really upset that he can not have a baby, there are instant questions that come forth and none of them are that we are responsible for his confusion or his fix.  If anything, we might refer him to a counselor quickly or maybe volunteer him into the U.S Marine Corp.  If he wants to be broken and rebuilt, the marines can do that for him.

Many are so far off center, it is a query.  Why spend so much time striving to be miserable?  Some would answer that it is all about attention seeking, a simple request to be noticed in a lonely world.

It is notable in our history that we typically have been “too often” blinded by superfluous endeavors while other earthly powers develop notions to destroy us.  FDR warned us many times that while we were busy making refrigerators and automobiles that the Japanese were concentrating their productivity to create an incredible war machine as had Hitler.

WE were undeterred until the day of December 7th, when we learned what he really meant as we listened to the news of Japan at Pearl Harbor.  A few weeks later, Germany declared war on the USA.  Neither country really ever said conclusively, “Why”?, ( for Japan it was something about gasoline supply) but all priorities changed that day for us, away from a new Buick to sovereign and personal survival.

Now, we are confronted with a similar scenario and similar challenges looming but by a different form of warfare, Societal Suicide.  That threat is encouraged because of our indifference to the loss of our freedoms, our moral compass and thus, our future as a nation.

Donald Trump has been persecuted thoroughly beyond the pale for the simple reason that he represents to our enemies, and they are many, a very specific deterrent to stop this madness where everything that is right is now wrong and conversely, where everything that is wrong is now right.  He can easily handle the military, the economy and the border for starters.

He is the man that owns the insight and experience to lead us, he knows the right policies to deploy and when to do so to help correct our dangerous direction.

It is necessary to state that he also inherits a sustained and stiff resistance to win Democratic or undecided votes in large numbers.  Many voters are not emotionally mature enough to separate the personality from the policy maker and those voters are so ill informed and so emotionally driven that they will choose to continue their “Never Trump” mantra just, if for no other reason, because it is Vogue.

Note: there are blacks joining the Republican roles in large numbers and the Hispanics are so too, coming over to join in, so we could say that there is sense of changing tides.

Considering the antics of the left regarding various methods to further shoot ourselves in both feet, like premature changes in energy supply, the war on petroleum, aging electric infrastructure, rolling black outs, deviously managed digital currency, and more spending accomplished by more borrowing leading to hyper inflation, the left will become our best hope to take the election.

While all that is happening, It might be time to weigh these Trump realities and consider DeSantis, Glenn Youngkin, Nikey Haley, etc.  They are younger with the like mindedness of Trump.

Just like the millions of the “Anything but Bud Light” army, we should respect the mindset of the “Never Trump” folks and the damage that they can further perpetrate upon our country.  They are a numerous group that will persevere, regardless of the ills our country may suffer.  It should not be missed by any of us that they would rather be led off the cliff with the Wildebeests, Whoopy and Joy leading the way, content with the knowledge that while they will have lost it all at the bottom of the cliff —- they defeated Trump.

Beware:   Trump will be facing undeserved but real speed bumps on the highway with never ending lawsuits, age, an instant lame duck presidency, media madness and more gridlock, even if we own the House and the Senate as well.

Be Aware:  that with the prospect of the likes of Youngkin, DeSantis or Haley, we could unhitch the anti -Trump mania, change the subject for the media and the left away from Trump hysteria and return more so to the issues that can save our country. But, it is also a sure bet that they, any one of the other Republican candidates, can and will be instantly garroted by the media. That has already begun with DeSantis.

We are suggesting that we enter this election cycle with clear eyes and prudent considerations.  Moving forward with BLIND loyalty to Trump could be a trap for us especially when considering Trump’s ongoing law suits and legal issues that will be spun up to further muddy the Trump water. There are many infected state and Federal judges that would love to further persecute Trump.

Just because his rally’s are fun and well attended does not give us a reliable gauge on how many naysayers exist.    We can not lose this election in the judiciary, the executive or the legislative branches, we need them all.

The really good news is that if Trump is NOT nominated to run, there is a plethora of other capable folks that can win with a like agenda or better.  The Republican field is chock full of aggressive conservative candidates and finally, that depth is comforting.