Greetings members and readers,

It is our greatest hope that you had a nice holiday and were able to spend time with family, friends and associates.  It is a time of thanksgiving, the celebration of our savior’s birth, and of diagnosing our past year so as to plan a better new year.  We have ideas that we have determined will improve our future, beginning now in the first few days of the new year, 2022.

It is true that we fail to keep our eye on that ball of improvement, whether it is saving more money, spending less, getting a new car or improving our exercise/eating habits  It has been said that “we have met the enemy, and it is US”.  So let’s strive with focus to keep our resolutions, so that we actually can win that effort to improve our lives from better to best.

Because this is a blog and not a book, many topics that can be written about are put on the back burner or would be so lengthy that the author and the reader would tire trying to digest so much information in such a limited format, so let us take some of our societal woes apart and discuss them in short form. Let’s soften the overwhelming and frustrating need to find some peace and comfort in these upside down times.

We can do this in short, with more frequent publications. Some of the statements may seem a bit abrupt and some of our conclusions may seem to leave out the lengthy trail of facts that support them but that is necessary to shorten your read and get to the point quickly. We can easily respond to any questions that you might have and steer you to our information sources.  Our comment section is meant to support your confusion with further discussion there and begs for your opinions on any publication.  We will strive to provide links that support our conclusions.

It is necessary to identify the sources of our confusion, frustration, impatience and psychological internal conflict.  Until we do that we can not formulate a plan or a map to move forward in a confident manner. Let us identify and understand the total lack of peace that we are feeling these days.  If you are not feeling these frustrations and disgusting/dangerous trends of the day then you are on top of the news, informed and have made an effort to understand and deal with the challenges of our times, or you have buried your head in the sand and are ignoring dangerous consequences having determined not to engage with our challenges, ignoring the trends in our country that will result in even more loss and more stresses.  We must become engaged, vocal and focused.

We here at “The Pondering Patriot” are not going to be so gentle in the coming year.  We are going to call it like we see it. Once again, you may always use our comment opportunity to express your disagreement or concurrence.

The topics soon to be published not necessarily in this order will be:

  •   Only one (maybe two) thing in this life is FREE
  •   Covid and the “VACCINES”
  •   Dis-function in our government
  •   America, the USA, the greatest nation on earth
  •   Morality in our nation
  •   Consistency in Personal Responsibility
  •   Abortion
  •   The sexually confused and their trauma
  •   Christianity in the USA and the End Times
  •   Banking, inflation and currency valuation
  •   FREE stuff and how much that cost
  •   How God is involved in our lives, our government and in the affairs of men
  •   Why the powerful treat us like sheep
  •   The real power that can be used to influence change by all of us
  •   Social Media
  •   The lame stream media
  •   International events and trends ignored by our government
  •   The Border
  •    Education and our children
  •    White guilt


Please participate, please become vocal and please understand how important you are in all of this

Be Aware of the irreversible trends that are happening now

Beware that the only thing that will be achieved by burying your head in the sand is darkness and the wrong kind of grit.