Greetings Members and readers,

If you are like most Americans, you get up in the morning to ready for a days work.  No matter your age, you shuffle to the bathroom half asleep, turn on the water and brush your teeth. Toothpaste is largely a bi-product of petroleum so he uses salt and baking soda like great, great grandma did. It is not bad and it does work except for the stains.

The tasks of the day are already trying to find their place in your mind.  The logistics of seeing the kids off to school, moving quickly to head your car toward your workplace and putting a piece of mail in the public mailbox because you want to make sure it goes out quickly, getting some gas in the car for your commute, and finding a shirt that you like for the day moves to a top priority after a shower.

You remind yourself that you must get that mail posted because your government debit card is telling you that you only have three more days before your money is repossessed.  If you don’t spend it, it will disappear in 21 days.  Saving is not an option.  Most mail carriers were dismissed three years ago.  The post office has become so inefficient that putting something in the mail is only for emergencies and cost a 9 dollar stamp.

The kids want to eat something before leaving the house, you need to wrap up a ham sandwich for your lunch, the leaves in the front yard really need to be raked and put into a government barrel for pick up, a carbon requirement — you push that thought away because it is just Tuesday and there will be no time for that until Saturday, the next pick up scheduled.

Your wife is complaining that you did not pick up the cat food as discussed the previous morning so the cat gets a ham sandwich too even though it is not really ham, it is miracle ham made from soy and seaweed.  The cat food is a bootlegged product made by some woman just out of town and that enterprise is soon to disappear when she gets caught or when she kills her last chicken.

Your wife is working as hard as you are, she needs gasoline as well but she decides that she is going to stretch that need out as she only works a few blocks from the house teaching CRT to third graders, so she will use gas money later and pay with a trade to get cat food.  Pets have been outlawed as they do contribute mightily to carbon footprints, so the cat is one of the last 50 to exist in the county and that is why she is not allowed to go outside.

With all this going on, you are still dwelling on a talk that you had with your son about sexuality, his best friend that is suddenly wanting to become a female because his teacher has recommended same.  What the hell is that all about at age 11?

It is February, 37 degrees outside and barely 55 degrees inside, there has got to be a better way to provide heat for the family — the fireplace is a chore, takes a while to get it all stoked up and you can’t just go off to work and school with a fire blazing — IF you were allowed to use firewood — umm — the space heaters are killing my electric bill and are not really doing the job.  The gas furnace is a no no because the government says so and the gas has been shut off.  Geez, 4 thousand dollars for an electric central heater+four more for installation and 9.00 per gallon dollar gasoline for your car. A hot water heater is just not available for working folks due to shipment delays worldwide, rarity, and thus, a high price.

The silver that I inherited from grandma is just about gone and once that happens, things are really going to get tough.

You get into the shower and the blast of cold water is barely tolerable but is sobering and you are definitely awake.  You search for your shirt, find it and it is damp because the gas clothes dryer is not on line either.  Ironing it is not a consideration because there is no time so you grab another that is less prone to wrinkle.  You think, “I am not sure which is worse, being cold all the time or hot all the time”.  Spring will show itself in a couple of months.

You wonder how you are going to afford a not so cheap electric car and how you are going to pay an even higher electric bill if you figure out how to finance a car that you can not afford.  Gasoline will not be available in only 8 more months.  There will be thousands more out of work when the gas ban clicks in.  No, a twenty mile commute to employment is not going to work much longer.  Working for a bread company has been a God-send but there is less and less sold and a loaf these days is 8 dollars.  The free loaf that we used to get every day has now been changed to a free loaf every week.

Now, you are thinking about coffee but again, the electric bill was 785.00 last month and coffee is not easily acquired.  So, McDonalds will get another 4 bucks today for a chicory coffee during your commute if the AI decides that you can buy it, otherwise your debit card will decline.

Your wife has decided that she can not chance taking her car to work, so she is going to walk the 5 blocks to the school but she needs a different coat, the old one is wool and she gets harassed for wearing an animal hair coat at work.  A heavy sweater will work, sort of.

The kids are emerging from their shower looking a bit dark blue and little Suzy skips her shower because she has got the sniffles.  Someone at her school stole her jacket last week and the classroom is not a warm place at all, she needs heavier socks too.  The girl that took her coat is an orphan of yellow skin and the Principal says that it would be exclusionary to retrieve that coat.  The little orphan girl needs it.

The route to work now includes a detour to drop sniffling Susy at Aunt Jenny’s house on the way to your coffee stop.  During that detour you learn that Susie’s teacher is trying to influence her to consider her sexuality at age 7 because she is a bit of a Tom Girl and likes to play basket ball, mainly, so she says, because the gymnasium has heat.

Her math class has been deleted from her studies and now she has been moved to a ethnicity class that discusses inclusion and equity with hints of sexual choices that can be options for Tom Girls.

It might be time to take the government offer to appropriate your house, the government will take your house and cancel your mortgage. I should take the government offer to live and work on the agri-compound.  At least they have heat, hot water and home grown food.  That place used to be a prison but no one is arrested these days, so it has become a work farm.

Damn, The taxes on the house are crazy and in truth, paying them in months is just a dream.

He thinks, the agri-compound is probably a must because my job is being given over to AI in just a year,  Holding on to this dream of self reliance, independence, home ownership, and a warm cohesive family is a bridge too far.  I have to accept this reality or we will be living on the street.

Thousands are dying that are holding onto the dream of independence, employment and sustaining a food supply. Thousands!  Many are starving or die of disease, some just give up emotionally and kill themselves and most are killed by marauding gangs that swiftly come in, take what they want, kill the elders and steal the children to be sold later.  So far that has not happened in this little town but it is happening just down the highway in the larger town called Kildebrande.

I don’t know much news these days, the TV’s are only on for an hour a day and the shows are about Global warming and the latest pandemic killing more and more.  Though most still have a cell phone, there is no communication with anyone except a social media site called “Trust” where one can get a glimpse of the world news and according to that, we are all making great sacrifices to sustain a good carbon count world wide.

I am convincing myself to take the farm job that does provide housing.

Besides, it is 2032, and I will be 43 next month: people are retired at age 45 and given over to social services at that time.  At the agri-compound, I can still work for sustenance and keep my family safe and together for a few more years.

Tonight, I will burn my last few books in the fireplace for some heat and discuss all this with my wife.  She is determined not to let go.

Got to tell my wife that when she picks up the cat food, that she has my blessing to keep her woolen coat and to purchase a chicken from the same lady with the last of our silver. We will risk the smoke showing itself from our chimney and have a nice warm roast chicken tonight all from a fire that will be provided from the heat of the holy bible, a book on the constitution and stories of Paul Revere, George Washington and Ben Franklin.  Ben Franklin will cook our chicken tonight.

Their ideas are all but a memory anyway and though I never had the opportunity to learn  American history, I have read the books.

None of that applies now.  The woke, homosexuals and transvestites are generally in the armed services where guns are gone and electric sticks are used to keep order in the populace now.  They are armed only as an effort the prevent insurrection, so they are armed against us. They do not care what we perpetrate upon ourselves but they will prevent large insurrection.

We will be beaten if we are caught with these books so we will burn them tonight along with our picnic table that is no longer usable.

At least, even if the smoke from my chimney is detected, I can say that I was burning illegal books found in my basement.  That will get me a few social points on my government debit card and we will have a nice dinner of chicken, rice and our last big can of green beans.

It will be a good ending to another day of frustration, depression and anger and a good time to share with my wife that we are at the end of our seemingly independent life.

I wonder about the days in the life of my father where work was rewarded with independence and options.  Where faith in God was a healing and hopeful lifestyle and where home and hearth were that which one made it.   Work was a given because he cherished the idea and act of personal responsibility and he was regularly rewarded with money, love and respect, appreciated and honored for his contribution to society, church and family.

I remember his telling me as a very old man, “We need to do something about these changes or you will end up owning nothing and forced to be “happy” with an impressed or an idle life”.  Now I know what he meant. The comforts that he offered us then are not possible now.  I miss having dollars in my pocket.  What went wrong?

I truly hope that my eldest son, age twenty, does not make a report to the local officials when my wife shows up tonight with cat food and a chicken.  He is very government oriented and prone to act as he has been taught in school.  Government first!  He does come over from time to time with Hershey bars for all.  I hope that he does not come tonight.

It seems that we have reached a place of parity, inclusion and like equity.  We are all broke, hungry, cold and included in that misery.

Well, not all of us, the government members are all special and have natural gas, electricity, food and homes worldwide.

Yep, the Chinese are doing OK, most of the whites have been finished for several years and now, we blacks are going down the same tubes.  Only a fifth of the population are working and the rest of us are being regulated to worker bee service or a form of welfare that does not even buy food.

How did this happen?