Merry Christmas everyone,

We still have a lot of problems in our country and there is still a need to be vigilant and pro-active in regard to righting our ship.

I do not believe that the division in our country is about need, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity or racism.  It more about a dumbed down society and the actions of our government that attempts to pander to folks that have been taught “entitlement”.  We have become a lethargic society where many of us work our butts off and others just want more and more with no intent to contribute.  That formula will not work over time.  The miracle of freedom and capitalism has shown itself to be nearly indestructible with demonstrable resiliency to almost any challenge but the golden goose is ailing and we will kill him if we continue our errant ways.  Our actions and complaints are not well thought out or are based on emotion driven by a need to be counted but with no substantive element of reason where facts are lacking or skewed with hearsay.

We simply need to get real and understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Somewhere by some mechanism, some one has to pay for that lunch.  Simply stated, if we are taking and few are giving, soon production will slow to a stop and there will not be any free stuff or any other kind of stuff to be had by anyone.

God has made it clear that we shall bloom or perish relative to the sweat on our brow.  (a bit of the old testament at the garden of Eden)

This day is the Birthday of Christ, the son of God shown to men here on earth.  He brings with him a message to us from our Father.  That message is one of forgiveness and salvation so that we may know the reciprocal of good will toward men thus peace on earth.

We have been manipulated by the news media, social media and the marketing media to misconstrue the intent of the 3 Kings and many of us have forgotten the real reason for the day and have turned it into a shopping festival.

All that is fun and good but Santa is mentioned many more times than Jesus and the eternal lifeline that he does throw to us all.

Christmas is not only about food and gifts. It is about celebrating God’s gift, his gift to us that we may know his wishes for us.  He wanted for us to hear his message from his own flesh, his intermediary and human son, Jesus.

I wish for all of us a sobering epiphany to achieve clarity and with that clarity, actions that will promote peace on earth and good will among all people.

Merry Christmas