Greeting, Members and readers,

30,000 views to date.  Great.  Thank you.

There are more important happenings showing themselves in recent times that are going to have great impact on our trek to reverse the direction of this country and calm the world down a bit.

They are listed below in no particular order of impact.

We feel comforted and elated that there is a new face showing itself at the U.S. Navy, an astute choice made by the powers in the Navy in order to gather new talent that will become an unimaginable deterrent to war.  Just think what would have happened at the battle of Midway if the Japanese had seen Harpy Daniels and her enlistees standing on the bow of the U.S.S. Enterprise.  They would have crashed into the sea in bewilderment.

I have heard that the plan is to allow her to ride a ballistic missile in full regalia, and yes, she will be holding a Bud light in her right hand.  Hands down, that will freeze all comers in their tracks for sure.  Such an event will surely stymie all possibilities of further war.  It is a no brainer that the North Koreans are already shaking in their Chinese manufactured boots.

We learned today with gratitude that Vice President, Kamala Harris will be in charge of governing the benefits and hazards of Artificial Intelligence.  It has been said that she will be the first recipient of any such robot or program that will deploy AI and that is great news because, Lord Knows, such a gift will raise her/their cumulative IQ at least a hundred points.  Can a computer be taught to giggle or to seek comradery thru deflective laughter?

I wonder if AI can be programmed toward dishonesty and/or to be inherently susceptible to certain passwords that might change the venue from truth to spin or from human assistance to human policing?  And if so, who gets the passwords?

If we can become so fortunate that Mr. Biden can also gather in one of these gizmos, he will be able to hold a thought, he can learn to walk, not whisper and even discern where he might be at any moment.  Just think, all the lies and spin will instantly be discovered, shut down and we will have truth in Government for the first time since 1788.

Perhaps we will come to know the origins and reasons for such a rise in sexual insecurity, manufactured racism, climate change, the suspect results in our elections, the real reasons for redistricting, voting registration integrity and the consideration of satanic influences in our world.  Dang!  Wouldn’t it be interesting if we were all forced to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

Michele Obama is now selling sugar water and supposedly teaching farming in her “Prada”.  She must have learned a lot about it directing her landscaping effort at her new digs on the North Eastern Shore.  What a great opportunity for the newly installed Chinese farmers in “our” middle America to gain the full potential of garnering a complete world control of foodstuffs.  And certainly, agricultural appointments will be due when the Chinese finally learn how to grow stuff.  Director of North American Produce or North American Agricultural Czar posts are probably in Ms. Obama’s future.  Thank you Michele or is it Micheal? Sorry, I do get confused.

The latest thing in environment repair is to refrain from cutting grass in May, move to an electric lawnmower, rid ourselves of gas heat, stop using our dishwasher and become eventually in all manner moved back to the 1950’s decked out with wind mills, solar panels, water powered generators, etc. with no capable grid.  We are to become completely energy independent in our life times with renewable electric energy. Hmmm.  Our 120,000 miles of electric grid presently operates at 40% efficiencies now.  That should cost a few billion and take about 20 years to fix.

I thought that just a few years ago that we were energy independent as a nation. It is a good thing that Harpy Daniels is on the scene to shut down the opportunity of world war because such infrastructure for a power supply could easily be “Neutralized” by our enemies with an EMP that could freeze, destroy or damage all items powered by electricity.  Electromagnetic Pulse. Duh!  I pray that Harpy will survive her ride on the IBM and learn some stuff about EMP.  Michele could probably help her with such a crash course needed.  She learned to farm in just months.  I think that Michele might have been the one that taught Hunter Biden all his gathered expertise on the petroleum industry in just a few days and that was while he was doing crack.  It is important to understand the China has been given a pass with all electric energy so when the EMPs start popping off, they will still have petro carbon energy sources available.  What?  While we are up a ladder blowing on our windmill, they will just crank up two more diesel generators.

It is with great interest that results of the shooting in Texas is being touted to be great police work and it was, by accidental police presence.  “ONLY” EIGHT PEOPLE WERE KILLED NOT INCLUDING THE SHOOTER.  Note that the innocent shoppers were killed and the shooter was neutralized.  Weren’t they all killed or all neutralized?  What is that word distinction about?  What might have happened if there had been purposeful police presence?  Are these shooters, perhaps, Kama Kazi shooters trading their singular lives to cause many more deaths.?  Remember, one Kama Kazi pilot could kill hundreds aboard ship and sink it.   If so, Whose agenda is that? Are these further efforts to incite anger, fear, separation and loss to cause eventual anarchy”?  hummm?  We are grateful for the officer that found himself in a precarious place and took down the shooter and further saddened that a lone security officer lost his life. Thank you.

What happens if anarchy shows itself? Is the when the silent majority rise to righteous indignation and begin to raise some hell or is that when the government decides that they have been invited to take control of the rioting home grown terrorist?

We could all agree that there are still citizenry, folks that run heavily frequented places and authorities that are still asleep that have not yet figured out that we are all at risk anywhere, anytime. We should wake up and become more vigilant and prepared.  The mall is running slack security and the police department was, but for an accidental presence there, absent.

It is with great anticipation that Senator Grassley will secure the form created by the FBI, a further effort to determine once and for all if Joe and Hunter are really crooked as the “Tail of the Dragon”, and if the FBI has NOT been forthcoming with information that they have owned for years, but we all know that such documents are always misfiled, lost or accidentally burned up in an ashtray in the FBI filing cabinet room, even though there is a no smoking ban in all Federal buildings.  Those folks need to stop smoking.   Our prayers are with you, Chuck.  Seriously!

Presently, there are 700,000 cartel sponsored migrants in Mexico waiting to rush our border when Title 42  expires next week.  So, the Mexican government has been gracious enough to accept many in the flood of immigrants gathering at our southern border should they not be able to cross.

Let’s see, the Mexican government is accepting those into their country that are already in their country if the immigrants can not cross the US border successfully. Talk about a word salad.  Harris is surely showing herself at the border, finally.  Think of it, a word salad in Spanish!

We all are seeking resolution in our country and these above mentioned events are just a few to mention at this time.

Some repetitive, familiar, and wholesome happenings do remain consistent that can give us solace.  One thing that we can be sure of is that on Fox News, one can always become more contented to know that the “My Pillow” folks are working everyday to cause us comfort no matter what!

I have mentioned in previous writings the topic of the tower of Babel.  The tower was being built to allow the owners to become closer to God and thus more godly themselves, where the rabble would not be admitted.  The managers, unions 🙂 were juggling the construction funds and lots of mischief was being pursued and perpetrated within the laborers to build this tower.  God got upset because he did not like the reason for the building or the dishonest happenings occurring at the building site, so he instantly separated all involved by causing everyone to suddenly speak different languages, thus no communication, no building.  Pretty cool method to cause his wishes with no real harm to the construction workers.

Computers of the day, now, have usurped God’s plan to stop or slow communications in this world with language differences, and by Golly it is surely showing itself.  We need to go back to babble.

Be Aware: I have not lost my mind nor have I been drinking too much Bud light.

Beware: I am just pissed and have to attempt laughter, otherwise, I will surely cry myself to sleep every night.

Doubleware:  How do we seek justice in a scenario where all the justice departments seem disinterested?  VOTE! these dudes and gals out of office!