Greetings Members and Readers,

I have been hashing over this turmoil and confusion, oh so evident in our country these days and want to address them all but there are not enough bites and bits in cyberspace to allow such a herculean effort nor would I keep your attention with all that writing.

Simply said, these United States of America are members of a Democratic Republic where the states are to be recognized as sovereign entities under the umbrella of the Fed. The responsibility of the Fed is to defend and protect our union and to enhance infrastructure and policies et al, to stimulate economic growth and prosperity.

Our country was founded by flawed individuals who knew that they were flawed and at the same time, they knew many of the righteous goals and cures that they desired to be contained in a constitution under which to live and thrive.

The country was founded upon new ideas based upon the previous experiences endured under English Rule.  These ideas were in part about religious freedom, freedom of speech, the right to vote, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to assemble, the right to a speedy trial and to be judged by ones peers.

Our country’s founders sought wisdom from God and that is seen, still, in our court rooms, on our coins and paper money and many other places.  “In God We Trust”   Many rebels, to name a few, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and John Adams, wrote often of keeping our democratic republic only with a moral society.

They also knew that our currency should be based on tangible valuation and that paper money needed to be propped up or anchored with a like amount of gold or silver, etc.  Related to our currency, they knew that the formulation of the Federal Reserve Bank would encourage monetary manipulation and the abuse that is very apparent today.

In short, our quest was to be one of freedom achieved always considering God’s commandments while flourishing in an unfettered journey toward a better life, through liberty to happiness via inalienable rights granted to all of us by God where the individual was considered first, knowing that if the individual was free to flourish, so too would the whole.

Please understand that these inalienable rights did not “Promise” life, liberty, and happiness but rather, the unfettered right to pursue these goals individually, which could then be attained by the degree of focus, work, risk and dedication within a moral society.  There is an inherent responsibility inferred that individuals pull their weight and participate in such a quest.  Simply said, with freedom there are responsibilities.

Freedom in this context did not demand such participation and does allow one to choose his path earning the kind of life he might seek only to be responsible for his experienced results.

While considering the growth of our country over the decades, all the above written has became more complicated and convoluted and though growth and diversity is to be considered, never was our government meant to become a baby sitter or nanny or a Daddy Gold-bucks for those who would choose to ignore their responsibility to themselves.  Perhaps it is fair to say that a hand up be available but rarely a hand out. Effort and participation is necessary by each individual, though certainly relative to his or her capability.

The responsibility of our government has never been a promise of a minimum lifestyle, a promised base income, free medicine, the choice of sexual orientation at government expense, equity, or a free ticket at the grocery store.

A level playing field gets more and more level the harder one strives individually or en masse, to level it.  Freedom of speech does not include the “word police” which is an infringement upon our right to “free speech”. Talking over someone is denying their right to be heard.

Manipulating terms to defer from insinuating gender seems moot to me.  A chairman, a chairwomen or a chairperson does not clear up the term for me because I am still wondering if any one of those terms refers to the person in charge of a group and if he, she or it is in charge of the seating for the meeting.  Do we have enough Chairs?  For those of you who have not studied English, when gender is in doubt, using the masculine is the axiom.

Toxic males saved our country more than once in all our previous wars and by the way, they also entertain us daily on TV and the internet, and earn giant incomes, I. E., the NFL, Soccer, Golf, Boxing, Wrestling, Auto racing, etc.  Changing terms and word use in the English language so they do not offend is a step too far.  Perhaps we could work on our insecurities and self esteem before we start changing the English language for hot house flowers.

Reparations perhaps should be made to those abused on the north American continent, paid by those that provided human inventory to all purchasers and they are the African Tribal Chiefs that gathered and sold their families and countrymen into slavery.

Please understand that the North American continent was at least partly owned and controlled at one time or another by the French, Spanish, and the British, long before the U.S. became a nation and the institution of slavery was inherited by our country.

One day we were English subjects and a day later we were citizens of these United States dealing with the inherited moral issue of slavery. Less than ninety years later, we fought a civil war with American loss of life  (the union) pegged at 400,000 white men, erasing that institution.  Losing so many would seem to me to be considered quite a reparation effort for a country that inherited such an institution.  400,000 men lost, most of whom never owned a slave, most of whom were white is quite a price to pay to correct the inherited institution of slavery.   Maybe we owe reparations to those families of the whites that paid with their lives to insure freedom for all.  Nobody wants to talk about that?

In our constitution, there is no promise or inferred suggestion that in life, no person should have his feelings hurt, no person is entitled to any particular life style and no person is promised a big house, a fancy ride or any particular wardrobe.  Those decisions are left to the individual and the acquisitions of such things is left to the purchasing capability of that person that might desire those things.

We are losing the promise of unfettered opportunity due to the efforts of a corrupt media, the selfish actions of the individuals in our government who only want to preserve their place of power at any cost, the teacher’s union, social media manipulation and a new idea dictated by only a few, that all things come to people if they complain long enough.  We are canceling individual effort to excel and we are reversing the idea of the benefit of work seeking equality by reducing ourselves to the lowest common denominator. where we all live on the equal footing of near poverty with little or no individual net worth and minimum food stuffs.

That my friends is the definition of communism, where government will become your master and you will become just one of the subjugated masses of human kind existing for the government elite who tell you what to think and what not to think, what to say and what not to say.  They will not  care about your sexual preference, in fact, if it is not hetero sexual, you may be “disappeared”.  Hitler killed tens of thousands of homosexuals.

They will not care about your feelings, your God, your comforts, your needs, your rights nor your opinion.  They might kill you during your next unwise public demonstration.

So in your quests to find your place in this country, please understand that you are using the promise of an unfettered path allowed by our freedoms to destroy those very freedoms.

If you are unhappy in this country, try Venezuela, Cuba, or Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea or China with no hard feelings.  We the people will happily buy you a plane ticket with expense money.

Try to get a sex change operation in Iran.  Try to get an abortion in Iraq.
Plunder and rob a retail store in Arabia and see what happens.  Buy some dope in the middle east and get free food and lodging for 20 years while learning all about Allah. Speak out your complaints publicly or privately in China and see what happens.

Do not try to recreate those places here, that for almost three centuries, folks of all creeds and colors have fled.

Since American history is not taught anymore in our misguided schools, read up on that history before you condemn it.  It would be the best idea you could ever embrace at this time.  You are pushing yourselves off a cliff at a fantastic rate and yes, you are right.  The fall will not hurt you but the results of the abrupt stop right at the end of your fall is something that you can not reverse.

If you wonder why our leaders disrespect us, lie to us and treat us like sheep, it might be that we act like sheep.

Beware: of what you wish for

Be Aware: that you might get it.