Greetings members and readers,

PUT YOUR HIP BOOTS ON, THIS IS DEEP.  If we don’t act and get rid of our present day leaders, none of us are going to have any boots within a decade. If any at all, they will be Chinese Worker Bee boots provided by our employer that pays us with digital currency.

It is difficult to jump into the various topics that are very seriously affecting all of us daily and not seem to be accusatory or holier than thou or worse, ignorant and paranoid.  That posture is not where I am coming from and I do not want to be perceived as a “scolding accusatory bystander” or the “dooms day man”.  I am an observer and messenger, a reminding siren of sorts and a potential victim.

We are all suffering in various ways and I simply want to attempt to (with your help) analyze our predicament and the sources of our deep frustrations that come at us from every nook and cranny.

The paths that we take everyday to work, church, the park, the country club, a trip to the store or just a joy ride on a Sunday – do people still do that? – seem to be different than they were just a few years ago and we are plagued with sublime and nagging worry in any endeavor that we might have chosen that particular hour of any day.   Those traveled paths that we have been so used to and have traveled so often are suddenly fraught with new hazards, detours, dead ends, surprises and often very real danger.

What ARE the sources of our unraveling that are causing these constant alarms that keep going off in our heads that are producing so many negative types of wear and tear on our very spirits?

If we are paying attention at all, we see blurbs on TV and the internet that are addressing depression, loneliness, anxiety, advice if we are feeling a bit suicidal, isolation, fear, anger, lower male lifespans, female chosen spinstership and the dangers of various recreational drugs that are killing those participants at an alarming rate.  The border?

We worry about our children playing in our own front yards, we are fearful when we meet a prospective new friend, and feel anxiety in the parking lot of our local grocery or drug store and certainly at Walmart.  Large parking lot.

Christians are more and more persecuted and many entertainment and sports events have turned into an activity that is more about social, cultural or political messaging than football or a bluegrass hoe down.

Often there are riots in some downtown gathering place executed by large groups of teens that do not seem to have a cause other than they just want to gather, blow off steam and destroy, just because they can.  Then there are the almost daily shootings perpetrated by unhappy folks that blame some part of us and our children for their unhappiness.  A transvestite that is unhappy in her/his own skin and blames 3rd graders at his/her old alma mater, or a disgruntled employee that has suffered a job loss and blames the employer rather that considering their job performance.  If one can not be safe at their own Christian private school, where can they be safe?  Certainly the old time regular haunts at the mall are dangerous now..

Are these results part of a type of hazing on the ever present social media where courage exists only because of the anonymous and protective keyboard where such words would never be uttered “eyeball to eyeball”.  Why is it fun to sneak up on an old man or old woman and hit either in the head with a big stick and run.  No robbery, No familiarity with the victim, No bone to pick —  Just nasty anger moving to a physical attack for no apparent reason, or a requirement to join a local gang.

NOTE:  When out and about, sit facing the entrance with your back to the wall near an exit.

We are bullied by various media types to accept sexual perversion for a tiny percentage of our population and large corporations are being forced to tout such perversion on their product labeling for unknown reasons.  I.E. in recent weeks, consider Budweiser. They lost millions, got a public dressing down, and were forced to acknowledge that the folks that buy a beer, simply want to enjoy their beer, watch a golf tournament, or a basketball game and relax.  They do not want to wade into transvestite declarations or be forced to even think about such confusion.  They just want a cold beer and some down time from the spastic vacillations that they are met with every hour of every day.  Thousands have chosen a different beverage,  Modelo. True!

I think that most of us do not really care about another’s sexual persuasion and would just as soon not hear about it every minute of every day.  Just do your thing quietly in a private place of your choice and leave us out of it.  You do not need our approval just so you can feel better about your lost place in the universe.

We don’t want to be forced to buy an electric car, replace our gas range or pay $5.00 for a dozen eggs.  Most of the folks that are touting these above mentioned changes are not affecting those that can not afford a car of any sort, do not pay for groceries because they don’t have a kitchen or an energy bill of any sort, they eat steak rarely and ride their bicycle to the Dollar General to buy soft drinks and hostess cupcakes with their WIC card. OR, they keep a vintage gasoline corvette next to their Mercedes in their 4 car garage and do their serious traveling via government, commercial or private jet.  The failing middle class gets all the load.

We are met with incoming digital currency unheard of by most citizens (late  2023), citizens that are consumed with inflation, work/parenting/life balance, and dealing with a government that is so very inept or dishonest which is decidedly pursuing a national agenda that has not yet been disclosed to us. How are you going to feel when your digital card is declined because someone did not like what you were trying to buy.  See links below.

In short, all of these challenges seem to be explainable using old school techniques of willing rationale.  But, if you look a bit deeper, all of them seem to be simultaneously doing another duty as well, in the name of righteous effort and sensibility.

Covid brought us to a reasonable place of quarantine, but another result was to ruin the workplace, create fear, cause isolation, paused church services for many, fractured our economy, disrupted the supply chain and forced us to ingest questionable and rushed vaccines that don’t work while we  spent billions on tests and masks that did not work. It separated us from friends, business associates and family.  It prevented us from comparing notes.

Racial strife has been sold to us, but for a few old redneck boys and as many blacks, it just really does not exist. Except for those that want to benefit from another opportunity to gather free stuff, Racism has become another great distraction and divider while the Fed Fox is cleaning out the hen house at our expense, not to mention contributing to another enduring form of anxiety offered to the already stressed out masses that was totally media manufactured.  Result: more separation, more cultural morose, irrational fear and suspicion for all skin colors involved.

De-funding the police, zero bail policies, seriously encumbered policing policies, and prosecutors that interpret legal statute rather than follow the law has caused a lawlessness in our land that can not last long.  Crime is rampant in our cities, there is an exodus of those from the cities and states seen clearly by those that can afford to move.  And those that can not afford to move are stuck in dodge city with no six shooter.  Small businesses are failing due to in store theft/assault/robbery and or a lack of customers or both and they also, are shutting down and/or moving on.

Judges that make social decisions in court, release repeat criminals and make their decisions based on skin color or sexual preference are not doing their job, they are aiding and encouraging anarchy soon to be debilitating.  They all blame firearms in every case rather than hold criminals accountable to follow the law.  The legal eagles are not in the business of social reform or counseling, the are in the business of keeping and practicing the law.

Federal complacency or incompetence seems to be the cause for much of our disarray but this incompetence seems to be a bit contrived, blatant and could be determined to be one more part of a plan to purposely CAUSE social strife and upheaval.

The Chinese are playing unfair hardball trying to sequester more bread basket middle American land for their battery production plants, etc., using bullying business techniques complete with threats and a corporate job application that requires all employees to sign an allegiance to the Chinese Communists party doctrine.

At the same time, they have local police departments within OUR country, YES Chinese police departments, funded and managed by the Chinese that are designed to police the Chinese people already living in this country so as to keep them in line with communist doctrine and to prevent them from sharing these practices with us in a country founded upon freedom of speech .  There almost seems to be a striving to establish their country within our country while we blissfully worry ourselves with daily issues like safety, fear, the sexually confused, inflation and a manufactured racism,

I challenge you to search the web and prove me wrong.  One can not make this stuff up as preposterous as it seems.  I challenge you to see for yourselves the existence of a Chinese police department acting upon the Chinese nationals in this country to insure the censorship of same, as I write this and to soften the bullying farmland sequester taking place in middle America.

Why would China want to invest $2.5 billion for` a battery factory in Michigan when no more than 600,000 electric cars have been sold to date?  How many gas cars are registered in the U.S.A.?  A mere 280,000,000 present day. Does that suggest to you some sort of international cooperation with our economic enemy — shall we call that collusion, would that be fair?  Is that a collusion with China while continually calling China “our emerging greatest enemy”? Makes one wonder just WHO is running this country.  Is it just one more coincidence that Covid was developed in China largely with our funding and good old Dr. Fauci from the research triangle near Raleigh, N.C.?  Roughly, that  began in 1998. Once again, what was the societal fall out from that arranged debacle? Yep, separation, loneliness, etc.

I will make it easier for you, check out the links found below.

There are hundreds more instances that we can ponder:  Are these manufactured societal issues with coincidental and consistent underlying results always an action that causes separation, isolation and distracting strife manufactured within our population for just that purpose: to distract us while we are being conquered socially, where we will one day willingly enlist to give up our freedoms just to find that which we seek, an elusive peace that will be surely short lived?

If you are feeling confusion, anger, denial, have begun bargaining within yourself to accept what your are feeling, a near depression and reluctant acceptance of a new status quo and do not understand the Why:  Please know that you are subconsciously mourning the death of our country; culturally, socially, spiritually and economically.  The above mentioned words ARE the 5/7 stages of grief or mourning.

Copy and paste these links below into your address bar:  Although, I feel like it sometimes, I have not lost my mind.

*Social media, especially Tic Tok

*The 5/7 stages of grief






Please also read my articles on petroleum, education/CRT, and systemic racism.  Determine for yourselves if the fall out of the decries of the teachers association and union is in line, producing the same consistent results to our nation and our freedoms?  Are parents going to allow the educational system dictate to them the future gender and beliefs of their children or not? It seems that most don’t care.

Once again, it seems that the effort to save the planet, reduce global warming, to control nature, (a joke), stop ice ages (another joke) and depend upon electricity for all things is reasonable but the fall out of those changes, implemented too fast, are very similar to the fall out results previously mentioned: isolation, economic destruction, a much lower quality of life, less farmland that we own, a lack of fertilizer for farmland that we do still own, societal anarchy/blight/.  These cultural and technological changes always put us a bit further back on our heels to what end?  Are we to become the worker bees for the Chinese with a low level life stye in a one world government?  Where do you dispose of 280,000,000 caustic lithium batteries.  Michigan?

As you have probably heard, there is great concern about the beef – cow and carbon connection.  It seems that cows are flatulent grass eaters and they cause too much carbon with flatulent excrement.  So, no more cows?, no more steak or whopper burgers.  What?  There are 1.5 billion cows in the world.  And for the most part, they are to be manipulated or neutralized.  That is a nice word for removed from the earth.   Given that there are almost 8 billion people on this earth, there just might be a plan to manipulate us too , or remove most of us?   Are we both to be forced to eat seaweed to reduce methane gas? All of this reminds me of a book written 50 years ago called “Soylent Green”— it can be found on Amazon cheap.  Please read it – you will be shocked.

Beware — something really smells terrible in regard to the future of our country with the mightiest military in the world and the largest economy ever known to man and now, the largest indebtedness ever heard of.  Maybe it is time to pull our heads from the sand and raise a little hell ourselves or are we just going to — as T. S. Eliot has mentioned, go out with a whimper, a Xanax, a sex change and a SEAWEED burger?  Please start making some noise!

Be Aware — If you do not understand this danger for our society, our freedoms and our sovereignty or feel it, we are already in deep dodo, carbon or not.  Remember, one only gets to vote in socialism once, after that it is a forgone conclusion.