After discussing the alarming existence of The Critical Race Theory, a hypothesis, that in fact, decries all things in our society as systemically Racist, another theory:

We declare, here at The Pondering Patriot, that:

*where all attempts to qualify citizens for numerous validations and certifications in their lives, business and personal, are deemed inherently Racist,

*where due to unsuccessful loan and mortgage applications, lending institutions are deemed Racist

*where our court system, in it’s attempt to seek justice, is declared Racist

*where overt white discrimination is recommended to thwart systemic racism

* where our federal education system has instituted this theory as required learning in our schools from lower elementary grades upwards

*where all this emotional drivel about race discrimination is really more about rationalizing and deflecting an unpreparedness to succeed in a modern society.

*Where blaming the “system” or the “establishment” is an overtly dishonest attempt to discount real facts and those facts are:  one more time, about a disdain and an avoidance of the disconcerting prospect of allowing an honest and personal introspective moment to be experienced.  These gyrations to condemn the “system” are just more attempts to shrug off the idea of personal accountability, personal responsibility and preparedness, thus blaming one’s personal failure on systemic obstacles that can easily be overcome with preparedness thru  “studious and/or physical work”.

*We declare that CRT be removed as a course of study in our schools to be replaced with courses that educate and further teach a personal understanding of what makes a democratic – capitalistic society work:  personal responsibility, accountability, sciences, mathematics,  English, American history and successful life courses where the above studies generally overcome all obstacles.

No one has ever stated that the constitution promises success in life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness, it simply promises the unfettered freedoms to pursue opportunity so as to achieve a better life, real liberty and what ever one’s definition of lawful happiness might be.

Remove this silliness from our school curriculum and begin to educate rather than indoctrinate our children.  No child needs a crutch to blame our institutions for his failures and no kid deserves to wear the shackles of guilt for the sins of black and white fathers that bought and sold human beings some 400 yrs ago.


** Copy and paste this declaration, print it, add your personal comments, sign it and send it to your local school board, to the federal teachers union and to your Senator.**

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We the people need to get busy and quit whining, blaming all things American for one’s personal failures, or if not, why not consider relocating to Venezuela, Cuba, or Afghanistan?  In one of those places/governments, one could learn very quickly the value and virtue of living in the USA.

Meanwhile, the larger question is why hard working contributing American families are not raising hell about this type of school curriculum being forced upon our children.  CRT prepares children of color to reach for a learned excuse instead of preparedness and white kids are being irresponsibly taught “White Guilt” for that which they are not responsible.  We parents/grand parents are ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL and seemingly frightened/disinterested to make noise to be heard.

That same thing happened in Germany in the mid 1930’s and 6 million Jews and two million Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals were marched to their deaths without a whimper, and NOW, while so many are celebrating the big success of exiting Afghanistan, thousands of women and members of the LGBT community there will be expunged from the face of the earth in one manner or another,  Why are we not hearing an uproar from their peers here in the USA?

This is not the time for loud mouthed complainers that refuse to get involved.  Sunshine Patriots fall by the wayside as subjugated casualties of their own inaction.  The success of a Democratic Republic requires the loud voices of the righteously indignant to be heard and a resolve should be turned into action to thwart such an obscene requirement forced upon 8 year old kids.


Beware of inaction, and Be Aware that democracy is no place for complacent procrastinators  — or we soon won’t have a democracy.