It is time to move on here  and begin to discuss one of many important topics that are already destined to show themselves in this publication.

As previously stated, it is difficult to refrain from jumping too quickly to so many topics that beg discussion.  I have chosen a topic that is currently being written about with great energy because it will be presented to our school children, if not NOW, very soon as curriculum.

While we are all concerned about Afghanistan, De-funding the police, 2nd amendment strife and Covid, etc.,  this business of Critical Race Theory is one that needs to be dealt with immediately.

One would think that school curriculum would be non political and relative to teaching fundamental and building block tools that our children will need to get through a day in the life of a high tech American.  Reading, writing, English, Math and History, as in world history and AMERICAN History.  Depending upon the grade of the student, computer science is obviously needed and believe it or not, that can  start very early as you parents already know.  But no, they are being taught no American History and wonderful stuff like:  Critical Race Theory, Systemic Racism theory and sublimely, White Guilt.

Definition of Critical Race Theory:

Simply  stated, CRT declares that racism is embedded in our society, Banking, zoning, legal systems and government.

Example:  An area of any city, subdivision, or county, that is zoned for single family housing excludes more affordable multi-family construction, therefore, such zoning is, of course, Racist.

This form of thinking encompasses all of our daily lives.  CRT seems to suggest that all attempts to regulate, organize and to implement government is overtly or worse, covertly, Racist. The CRT also suggests that in order to neutralize Systemic Racism, whites should be overtly discriminated against since apparently ALL whites are responsible for this theory of systemic racism and are not subject to these rule of law, banking or government and society.


  • Banking regulations, laws written over the years, Mortgage and loan qualifying requirements,
  • Moving up from elementary school to College where one must past the learning requirements of a grade level before moving on to the next grade
  • Job application and requirements
  • Drivers’ license requirement to be achieved before being allowed to own a drivers’ license
  • Criminal background checks in order to qualify for a job to determine previous illegal activity for bonding and honesty
  • Board certifications for Real estate licensing, nursing, practicing medicine as a doctor, surgeon
  • Bar associations requirements to practice law and more minor certifications to assist attorneys
  • even library rules
  • Any certification that offers evidences of familiarity and/or study for any business endeavor certification or qualification
  • Entry into the military and the ascension in the ranks of the military
  •  Prison system
  • Qualifications and ongoing training for police officers or other first responders
  • drug screening

All the above and more are described as a white influenced systemic racism theory, attempted to be proven by the term or idea of Critical Race Theory.

If a minority individual can not pass muster to gain a mortgage, then apparently it is the fault of the lending institution for not having a loan program for those that have no income or for those that have no credit worthiness.  The NEED to perform and service your mortgage is thus put into place to segregate and therefore is inherently Racist.

A child in our public schools is or was required to learn and pass tests that will qualify him or her to rise to the next grade course in school.  If that child happens to be of color, then, the child is a victim of that requirement to learn and prove it. Thus the grading system and the expectations of the education system is:  Racist.

Let’s define the word Theory:


*An idea used to account for a situation to justify a course of action.

*A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles that are independent of the thing to be explained.

*A set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based.



Even the definitions of the word, Theory, are as loose as a goose.  They suggest that a course of action or a decision has been determined for a word that reeks of indecision.  A theory is not a proven fact, it is often based on supposition and conjecture that struggles to explain a phenomena not understood. For sure, one can not prove a theory with another theory.

CRT, in this case, attempts to neutralize any attempt to measure, control, determine or regulate desired results for the good of the whole and individual  and to prove systemic racism theory with another theory called Critical race theory.

Based on the above written words, I suppose that if you are a Brazilian in Brazil looking for a mortgage and are denied that loan from a Brazilian Bank that CRT is not applicable, but in America, the act of refusing an individual a loan based on banking requirements is racist.

In real estate, a single family zoned area where half million dollars home are being built, is designed to help insure future resale integrity and has nothing to do with skin color. No lending institution is interested in skin color as prescribed by Federal law. The only color that the bank or lending institution is interested in is the color GREEN.

I do not think that any of us would want to travel on a space ship designed by any individual that barely passed his required education efforts because he was moved forward so that he or she would not feel discriminated against.  I would not choose a heart surgeon that was moved forward thru his schooling and was granted his medical degree because no university wanted to hurt his feelings.

So, this is all goobley gook that is seriously being embraced by our Federal school system including the teachers union, and this course of study is presently being forced into our Federally funded school curriculum ——–To be taught to your 2nd and third graders and up, YOUR children.

Critical race theory attempts to prove Systemic Racism (WHICH IS ALSO THEORY).  Ultimately, CRT teaches White Guilt.  CRT simply blames whites and all societal systems one more time so as to remove any responsibility that any individual might feel in regard to becoming a better person that wants to play by the rules set up for all.  Any qualifying requirement requested for any reason is considered Racist.

We can not reduce our entire society to total ineptitude so that no one gets his feelings hurt, to achieve group equality.

If you want to win the game, you must be the most prepared, the best  executor of your game plan and over power your opponent by scoring the most points within the rules of the game. If you want a mortgage, you must earn, save, be consistent and qualify for that loan.  If you want to become a doctor, you must learn, go to medical school, graduate, do your residency work and invest in a physical office, furnish and supply it and show up during office hours ready to perform that service and then as you earn, you will need to repay your school loans, repay your bank loans for office purchases and buy liability insurance for errors and omissions. Skin color has not a damn thing to do with it.

If I am wrong, then Tiger Woods is not a great golfer but rather gets a pass because of his skin color.  Denzel Washington is not a great entertainer, we just watch his movies because we do not want to hurt his feelings.  Samuel Jackson can not get a loan because he is black even though his net worth is $250,000,000.00.  And Will Smith lives in a $15 million dollar mansion but does not mind if his neighbor lives in a 1962 era camper next door and deals drugs out the broken bathroom window.

ACTION:  We need to immediately get in touch with our PTA organizations, write our local school boards, and reach out to the Feds and the unions to explain to them that teaching this goobly gook is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  When did they get the right to “dictate” school curriculum anyway?  They work for us!

Otherwise our children will not rise to action and pursue a purposeful goal to become a successful and prosperous individual of this society, but instead will withdraw into inaction based on learned White Guilt or by receiving an undeserved pass because they are a individual of color.  If that happens, we all lose.  PLEASE HEED MY SUGGESTION AND GET INVOLVED WITH THE SCHOOLS FOR IF YOU DON’T, you will not believe the result that will begin to show 10 years from in your present day 2nd grader.  The weight of the guilt he will carry for never having owned a slave and for never having known a slave is mighty, to be held responsible for sins that occurred 400 years ago is totally  unreasonable and the psychological damage could be debilitating for him or her.

America has always been a country that urged individuals to seek their dreams and strive for greatness and not so much about group equality.  That is the American dream, do the work and become great.  ( the word great being a relative term. It has never been to lower expectations for the whole or group equality.  It will not be so great when we find that the group equality spoken of today is about equally receiving a ration of rice, sugar, coffee and pork on random days of the week for free if the supply is available.


I would be remiss not to mention that though I have used the word “Racist”  many times herein, I resent using the word in this context.

The word Racist means:   One that believes his genetic make up is superior to other races.   So based upon that definition, the word is just another casualty in the effort to re-define words as needed to sensationalize rather than to communicate. Prejudice is a good word to use in place of the word, Racist.  Prejudice is more or less a human right and expectation.

I may be prejudiced to Fords and against Chevy.  I am prejudiced to the color blue and against the color orange.

It is a no brainer that we are under siege from gobbly gook coming at us from all directions.  REALLY, do we want to live in a homogenized world where we all are alike?  Ignorant, poor, unchallenged and thoroughly subjugated?

Be Aware  of the Critical Race Theory and Beware of the “1619  Project” now being exposed.  To be discussed soon.

Please leave comments on the article of the week, what I have left out or your personal experiences regarding same.


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