Greetings members and readers,

It seems that lately there are a lot of educated people coming forth with the facts about COViD.  After searching for answers, we have come up with some realizations and conclusions that can not be ignored.

If you feel abused, confused, led down the primrose lane and think that the introduction of COVID into the societies of the world and the remedies are mostly about money — If you think that the vaccines are dangerous and ineffective or if you have considered that this virus was introduced to cull the world population or that the vaccines might be a method to later manipulate the people of the world, you are not alone.  Consider that the testing is confusing covid with influenza and therefore the covid numbers are skewed by 40%.  The deaths from vaccination are not discussed but they are large.  CDC has this published if you want to take a look.

It is a “must do” to check out the link below:  It is a tell all,  supported with documents, dates and facts that will astound you.

This will demonstrate to you with facts, documents and proof more than we could ever imagine about the presence of Coronavirus in our world.

It is a must see.  You don’t even have to read it.  Just highlight the link, move it to your search line, hit enter and push the play button.  The video is called, “Patented Genocide”.

Just know that the very people that we trust to instruct and direct us regarding Coronavirus, ARE the very people that engineered it in first place, beginning some 20 years ago. Requests for contract vaccine production was issued three weeks before anyone ever heard of Covid.  The interview does follow the money.  It is a story of ego, misdirection, deceit, immorality, greed and governmental skullduggery.