Greetings Members and Readers,

After a difficult time this year with illness, death and emotional fatigue, we are back.

The pages of our calendar are thinning for 2022 and in just a few months, it will be VOTING time.

We can feel it in the air, the perpetual confusion spewing forth from most newsrooms is more intense, a renewal of several types of Covid are here and a never ending stream of governmental edicts that are meant to confuse or hamper the voting constituency are soon to be in place.  And they are trying to finish off the treasury department in an attempt to buy votes from those uninformed folks that truly think that it is the government’s responsibility to provide for it’s people. IT is not!  Government responsibility is to enhance commerce and to provide a protective military for us, so that we may proceed to do for ourselves.  Government is not and never has been meant to become a cultural policeman.

Remember, we the people ARE the government in our democratic republic, so all that is happening now is one more attempt to ruin our way of life by proposing that unreasonable spending is necessary to save our country in the face of the fact that overspending IS the problem in the first place.

Interestingly, as written here in these humble pages, we are finding that Americans are waking up.  It always happens this way — dollars become worth less, inflation becomes rampant, goods are short, and unreasonable promises are made by a liberal democratic government so that they may stay in power.  Tax and spend policies never work and for those of you over 50 years of age, you remember these similar antics seen in the Carter, Clinton and Obama administration.

But, there is a fresh wind blowing in our country.  The WOKE have taken a nap and are sobering up, the Blacks are beginning to refuse being a “taken for granted Democratic” voter block and the Hispanics, as mentioned months ago in this Blog, are demonstrating that they have not come to this country to make it into that place from which they left.

There is a Reckoning coming in November and the red wave will be a tsunami.

What those that yearn to tear this country apart do not seem to understand is that our Constitution IS the most resilient document ever written and it will always allow the people to decide their future in this country.

Truly, we seem to be led by a geriatric leadership that are so feeble they do not understand that they are but puppets within their own political party.  They are fed pablum daily that they believe represent the polls, the cares of the people and a new more benevolent government.  They are an international embarrassment to our country and a laughing stock for the rest of the world as they are being financially rewarded in a big way all the while.

It is very evident that they are not running our country because they do not know how to do so and/or most of them have sold out for a few bucks while the golden goose is slowly bled to death.

Make this November a RECKONING for those that disrespect themselves and our country so severely while they seek more sensational methods to give us what is already ours.

If we do not show ourselves this November, we will most assuredly become a third world country that once was a beacon of hope for all the world.  It happened in Cuba, it happened in Venezuela and it happened in South Africa.  Have you checked to see how all that is working for them these days. They can not even feed themselves.

It is an accurate consideration that our constitution protects all of us, so when that document is dismissed by the communists, Islam or the Chinese or a conglomerate of the three, call it the CIC Conglomerate, members of the sexually confused community and angry women will be among the first to feel the wrath of a totalitarian Chinese, Islamic, communist government.  The days of the VIEW will be over and all those angry, pious, fat, exaggerating women will be put on a severe cultural diet—– The show will be summarily ended with no more giant paychecks for spewing untruths and poor Whoopy will have to make her own blankets to wear daily. Her new movie, “Blanket the Titanic”, will be shelved.

The only thing that the VIEW has become good at is “apologizing for themselves”.

It is an unhappy scenario but the above mentioned folks will have invited it upon themselves and taken us down with them.

We’d better watch out what we wish for or we might get it.  Public apologies will not mean a thing in such an environment.  The Islamic swords are already being sharpened.  The national word police will not ever be de-funded and CRT will seem like a minor consideration when compared to the new school curriculum established by the Chinese international school board.

Owning an electric car will not put food on the shelves in a grocery store, it will not heat your home and it will not cure your ailments at a hospital with no supplies, no medicines, no baby formula and no doctors.

Americans have never known the likes of the above mentioned scenario, but it is STARING us all in the face, hiding in plain sight and just around the corner if we do not get our priorities in order “Toute Suite”.

Be aware of your apathy

Beware of the safe haven our constitution offers all of us, including those that would destroy this country.

VOTE as if your life depends upon it, because it does.