Greeting to our members and our readers,

It is early Sunday morning, cold and a bit gray.  We need to change our clocks moving away from daylight savings time because some of us forgot that this is the day when it starts getting dark a 5:30 pm instead of 6:30pm. Fall back.  I prefer DST.

At any rate, now that we all know what time it is, we can move on with our day.

The concept of time is interesting.  Measuring time helps us keep our schedules, work, school, when to take our medicines, eat breakfast or pay our car payment.  It also can refer to the “times” in which we live or what happened in earlier times and how those events affect us today.

We do live in a dangerous world and it might be a good idea for some of us to consider the significance of the events we see unfolding daily and how these events are connected to previous times.

The fire and clouds of war are showing themselves in the dangerous middle east, and most countries in the world are deciding which side would be their best choice, seeking some sort of alignment that will further their best short and long term interests in the event of world wide meltdown.

In our country, while the tensions in the world are festering and moving all of us closer to mass annihilation, our government is concerned with leaf blowers and the effect they have on our worldwide carbon foot print.   Such an idea gives me a feeling of great solace that while we spew great poisons into the air with our rockets and bombs which will kill thousands, the absence of leaf blowers will somehow correct such ills.

With all the poisons released into the air with tank busting bombs and anti missile missiles, I am keeping my leaf blower to blow the smoke away from my house and I will have a nice looking yard right up until the time a missile hits this target and then I won’t have a house, a yard or a leaf blower.  So no problem.

Rather than hammer further on the most recent ridiculous edicts of the day, as stated in my previous note to you, Real Time Revelation, I want to offer a pause away from your feelings of frustration, fear, anger and impotence.

With the not so sublime move toward one world government, one world currency, one world banking and a one world police force, we are bit mystified that our government would consider any such participation.   I mean this is or was, America.

With evil permeating our society, crime skyrocketing, a wide open border where human trafficking is real and the border is a supply line, drugs everywhere, the failings of our schools where math is considered racist, the lessons of history all but abolished and homosexuality is basically  encouraged, one can only decide that we are experiencing a nightmare or that we have been kidnapped and relocated to another place.

It is no secret that most countries can not afford war, if that is a consideration, where economies will be shattered further and where death will sometimes be preferable to disease, hunger, thirst and grief.

TO HIT YOU RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES, that which we are experiencing now is exactly what has been prophesied in the Bible written three thousand years ago. Verbatim!  Book, chapter and verse.

I do not want to alienate any readers, but I feel compelled to lay this out in front of you with hope that you will explore what I am suggesting.

Because I am not an experience teacher, because I do not want to seem “a pretend pushy bible beater”, I want to give you a link where some sense can be made of such disconcerting times from an educated honorable bible scholar.

His name is Tiff Shuttlesworth and I ask that you find safety, comfort, hope and understanding as he unravels the seeming disarray of our present day experience.  I needed some help to understand how — suddenly, what is right is considered wrong, what is good is suddenly bad and what is wrong is most certainly, right.

To give you some background, Tiff has been teaching for 40 years, he is a professor of bible prophecy, he is not about feel good fluff but only, down and dirty proven prophecy and he will never ask you for money though I send him some thru  We all have to eat.

He is only about teaching what the bible says and NEVER offers conjecture, suggestion, hypotheses, supposition or opinion.    His mantra is: Begin in the Bible, stay in the Bible and finish in the Bible.

Here is the link:

Once you are on you tube you can find many other TS lessons for your perusal.

I can promise you this: Once you get to know Mr. Shuttlesworth, you will begin to understand what is happening today in our world and will, at the very least, come to know that WE do have options that will free us from the frustration, fear and anxiety that we are feeling now.  More importantly, you will learn that the evils of our time will not be dissuaded but by the collective holy spirit within us.

There is much manufactured Mumbo Jumbo taught on the Christian stage or soap box, so I have been very careful to recommend this man that teaches the bible and not “feel good” inaccuracies that have no depth. You will need to take care as well for there are many false profits.

Although there is good reason to discuss the current events seen this day in our country and our world, the answers are found in the book that has been laying on your bedside table untouched for decades.  What I do, is read along with Tiff and have discovered with my own eyes and ears that all of this present day strife and movement to evil is, to say the least, addressed in the bible.

Tiff and others like David Jeremiah, will show you proof that the bible is not a fairy tale.  The Bible, the prophesies fulfilled always influenced by super natural means, the teachings and the story of Revelations are not there to fill us with fear but rather to educate and warn us of times to come, to disclose God’s plan for us while he drives evil from the face of the Earth and how he, God, will protect us during that time.  Really, simple.  All of the prophesies have fulfilled except the end of the church referred to as the “last days”. You will be surprised what that term really means.   Once you know, you will never be the same again.

Be aware:   According to prophesy, no man, no government nor military on this earth, can defeat Satan’s plan.

Beware:  The Jihad is raising it’s ugly head and the future seems explosive.  Prepare in every way that you can.  We can not save our house, our stuff or our car, but we can SAVE ourselves and our children.

I would appreciate some comments from you, if you please.