Greetings Members and Readers,

Christmas is over and the calendar now reads, 2024.  I pray that you were able to enjoy the holidays for what they are meant to be, a time of family, friends, and God with great expectations for the coming year.

It is difficult to separate the madness found in this world today from the promises that still exists for us.  It is important to recognize our realities in order to move forward regardless of the road blocks and resistance that we are likely to know in coming times.

It is anybody’s guess what will show itself in this new year — and to sort through what has shown itself in 2023 has not been very palatable.

It might be a good time to review some of the astounding events transpired this past few years.  Ask about Israel becoming a sovereign nation, 1948, ask about Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel a few years ago and ask about the Red Heifers, a few months ago.  There is good news showing itself from within this international storm of decadence.

Rather than pound these realizations with long writings about the decay of our country, I thought that I would just list some of the realities that have shown themselves in the past 36 months and you can decide how you feel about them individually.  Something does smell rotten in Denmark.   There are too many perfect coincidences.

We are being led, as a nation, to some sort of sordid existence by among the most Anti-American incompetent folks that exist in these United States.  Though the previous statement seems conclusive, it might require more scrutiny.

These folks may not be quite so incompetent but rather, they are systematically driven with an agenda that is becoming a “clear and present danger” to our existence as a free nation.  It is a ponder whether such incompetence is real or simply “smoke” to  distract us from the genius of such covert-overt cultural transformation and societal morose.  It is possible that we are to be brought to a place where we will become more than willing to trade anything for safety, medicine and food/water. It may be the supreme board game where some will reside on Pacific or Boardwalk while most of us left will be relegated to Baltic Ave.

We have formulated a list of sorts, not just to bitch and complain but to highlight a few methods used in the piecemeal destruction of our society, in terms of solvency, in terms of cultural morose, in terms of international diplomacy, in terms of the dangers that linger loudly regarding war and possibly nuclear war and in terms of real evil showing itself.

Our leaders are evidently bought and paid for, where WE as a nation are being led by an Executive Branch, a Judicial branch, a Legislative branch and even an Administrative branch of government that are all consumed with double speak so as to appear to be engaged in governing our nation while pursuing an agenda of dismantling this country bit by bit, piece by piece and chunk by chunk.

Fix yourself a hot chocolate and venture into a maze of upside down priorities where skewed loyalties, constitutional disobedience, pronouns and the abuse of our border sovereignty trump over the welfare of the people and our country.

We are being manipulated, with little recourse, to become a bankrupt country in almost every way through self induced emergencies, most of which are not real, exaggerated or that which is labeled in such a manner that we begin to believe that these “catastrophes” require extreme re-action at any cost.

Re-action is the choice of under prepared or surprised actors that have left decay unattended for too long and thus, have become in a phrase, “self compromised”.  We are going to have to toughen up, sober up from our stoic ambivalence and begin “acting” as one voice in order to re-align ourselves with sanity, constitutional obedience and spirituality.  Khrushchev said in the early 60’s that we would sell our selves out to subservience and would be taken from within our own borders with a shot never fired. War or not, We are in trouble.  We seem to be juxtaposed, to go out with a bang or a whimper.

Sex trafficking can only be a successful enterprise if there are waiting buyers, so that enterprise can only exist if we participate in such a sick activity.  Mind you, these buyers are not uneducated poor people, these are successful intelligent folks that premeditate such activities and go to great expense and effort to achieve such opportunities in secret so as to satisfy their need to know total power over others.  Such activities are much more prolific that one would think.  These practices and the names of those who partake would shock you. Epstein’s client list will be the ultimate disclosure of just how far our leaders and luminaries have fallen.

Drugs are killing thousands in the country and once again, the traffickers can only be successful if they have customers.  Ignorance and a yearning for a temporary high and obtaining one, soon can render the customer to a place of no return, where a simple indulgence one day becomes a permanent lifestyle the next.  These folks not only ruin their opportunities to know life as it is intended, they also begin to ruin the lives of many around them.  We become victims of their habit. and so it goes.  Surely, the power of the USA and it’s military could end the existence of the cartels in week, if so inclined.

You have heard the phrase, Beware of idleness or some variation of same.  Because of government hand outs we become the enabler.  And one more time, in our efforts to accommodate the needy, we inadvertently perpetuate the idle at our expense to our chagrin and detriment.

The border!  Simply said:  We do not know who is coming across our border nor for what reason!  At the very least, to provide millions of folks per year the necessaries of life is a burden that is not sustainable, not to mention the skullduggery we will reap as we go further and further into bankruptcy.  It is a double edged sword that cuts many ways.  This exercise perpetrated by our government is one more way to disrupt our society and can only cause more idleness and worse, nefarious covert activities.  An open border does exacerbate the already present sex and drug trafficking and disrupts our society further.  Hamas or the likes of Hamas are Here, moving their Jihad to a more central place of operation where hellfire is soon to show itself within our shores.  Some of these folks will eventually become part of our local, state and  federal government as if that has not already happened.  Eight million interlopers to date.  Remember, in a one world order, borders will not exist.

Our teaching institutions have become two entities.  We are schooling our children or more accurately indoctrinating them to become enemies of democracy, capitalism and Christianity while the higher education levels use the bill of rights only in their favor.   Free speech is good when it provides them an avenue to destroy but when that freedom of speech is presented to them, speech that they do not like, it becomes offensive divisive treachery.  These educators are preparing the young and leading the not so young to use our freedoms to destroy those same freedoms.

Homosexuality and derivations thereof, trumped up racism, climate change, pandemics etc. are exaggerated topics used to cause fear, isolation, dependence and division, distracting us from the real intent of these cloaked leaders in the world, those that are attempting to lay a foundation justifying one world everything, eventually to include government, banking, (digital currency), economy, supply lines, religion and policing.  Digital currency and perhaps, a cashless society, put into place just weeks ago will offer more opportunity for more government control and will result in the ultimate loss of our personal freedoms.

We are already seeing the beginnings of new pestilence which will kill, divide and isolate us further.

One day, if this persists, we will become so confused, afraid and hungry, we will willingly trade our independence, our rights, our God and our sovereignty for something to eat, something to drink and some fuel to heat our dwelling places. War will be a large part of our undoing.  Anyone can see the explosive potential of what is happening in Israel.

Once again, what used to be right is now wrong as our youth are cheering Sharia law and Hamas, ignoring the fact that Hamas was the aggressor.  We can seriously conclude that a very large part of the world is set to take us down.  Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Lebanon, China, etc.

WE are a stumbling block for those that want to lay in a plan to effect a one world preparation where we will have nothing and will be told to shut up and be happy.  The  world elites will have it all and we will be reduced to the fodder of their lives.  We have never really known empty shelves in our food stores but that reality is showing itself bit by bit. When that happens we could see panic and upheaval like never before.  When we watch our children go to bed hungry, we will awake a bit too late.  Let us awake now.

Enough, though you may think that I have lost my mind,  I have not.  If one is conscious and can separate the facts from the fiction and the emotional disarray in which we live, all components are being put into place to push this madness to fruition.  You say,  wait, the stock market is the highest in history.  Yep, it is built on a pillar of sand, beware! Those that can will implement their profit taking and finish off the market. With  $32,000,000,000,000.00 debt and some 60 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, it is but a lark to suggest that our currency is strong or will be enduring.

What can we do?  Unite, vote, communicate with our government leaders, turn on our spiritual buttons and wake up our families and neighbors.  This is not a horror movie that will end about the same time the popcorn runs out, this is not paranoid conjecture that will  pass.  This is real and we, so far stand by quietly trying to persuade ourselves to figure out how to buy an electric vehicle with no infra-structure in place, a battery powered leaf blower and a magic stove with currency that has all but failed.

It is necessary to remind ourselves that all of this is prophetic.  You can find all of this foretold in Genesis, Daniel, and Revelation.  Though we can not change prophecy no matter what we do, we can make this world a better place while we are here.  The Church, (The Christians in our country and the world) are the light that prevents or stymies these transgressions from becoming “whole”.  Two billion people in the world each carrying a bit of the holy spirit within them and the United States war machine is all that is preventing these” trends” from becoming complete as I write this.

Satan, the anti-christ (the new one world leader) and the unholy ghost can not put into place their plan until the church and that war machine is gone from this world, and at that time, simply stated, all Hell will break loose and end with total destruction.  We really do not want to be here for that.

We can not continue to ignore this stuff nor can we challenge that which is written with pompous intellectual considerations, ponderings, or arrogance. Prophecy is history written before it happens, in some cases, 2500 years ago.  It is not meant to frighten us, it is meant to help us to understand and prepare for the dire straights that our world will experience.

Please know that the Bible is hands down, provable via prophetic study.  We need to learn that we are of the natural and God is of the supernatural, so we will struggle to know God’s capabilities.

Let us return to the church and get right with God so that we may become comforted that these tales are generally about stuff that is going to take place after we are safely removed from this earth.  Once you have done this, you Will be comforted to know that then, we are surely in this world but we are no longer OF of this world.

I pray that you will open the link provided. All I can do is connect you to a new reality that will comfort you and steer you to a good ending before the train wreck coming.  That is my job and, like it or not, I have lovingly done it.

This site has largely been a discussion of political events, constitutional issues and an acknowledgement of the social morose tolerated these recent years.  Christianity has always been important to our site but we have refrained from getting too spiritual.  We have felt that we might lose half of our readers.  But we have done so anyway.  The results experienced are not what we expected.  To date, our readership, membership and views have Tripled.  Many are searching for an understanding of our times and seeking a refuge from the same.

Tiff Shuttlesworth is a prolific teacher, endorsed by Billy Graham and is the President of North Point College and Seminary. He takes no salary.  He is diligently involved with mission work for his Lost Lamb teaching world wide and he takes little for himself. He never asks for a contribution.  He leaves that up to you.  His mantra is to “Begin in the bible, stay in the Bible and finish in the Bible”.  He is a no nonsense teacher, respectful and caring but know that there is no manufactured feel good fluff found in his teachings.  The bible says what it says, nothing more and nothing less.

Please open this link, it will help you.

Be aware: We live in very dangerous times.

Beware: Procrastination is our personal enemy. It is true that no one knows when the tribulation will begin.  If we begin to connect the dots through the study of bible prophecy coupled with world news these days,  we will see very quickly that it is time to prepare.  There is a great dark force at work. Preparation to meet God is certainly prudent but putting in food stores, meds, first aide kits, a supplies of water that will be consistent, such as a cistern, etc. are also prudent.  We are about to weather some hard times.  Understand that this crisis is will not be just intra-national, it is a world wide debacle.

The next prophecy to be fulfilled is the removal of God’s church from this earth.  Some called it a “catching up”, some called it a “lifting away”  and some call it the “Rapture”, a word derived from the Greek word, Harpazo, to snatch or take away.  Immediately, after the rapture the tribulation will begin.  No matter what it is called or when it will happen, I want to be on the right side of that event.

Please find a link that will help you locate and communicate with your Senators and Congressman, adamantly and firmly.  They must be reminded of our power.  I know that most of us can not even name our Senators or Congressmen, that is how far we have fallen.  Democracy and Christianity are not absentee activities.  They can not exist in full form without us.