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We have been pondering the kids, young adults and not so young adults that have not yet gathered the knowledge or wisdom to trust their own decisions or those who are easily moved to taboo play or rebellious actions for no real reason.  Students in our universities and those not engaged in formal learning, that age, seem to always these days and many before them today, take the entrepreneurial road to challenge our technological norms that move to re-invent the wheel and they succeed often.

That is a good thing but many have and are challenging the pillars of our country with methods that have been proven to be destructive, violent and illegal. Anarchy is not the way of our constitution or our mores.

The word Student, obviously denotes one that is primarily engaged in learning, often for some sort of degree or advancement toward a certain goal or level of competence in a given endeavor.    For most of you I am just stating the obvious except we must realize that all young people are students learning much either in school or otherwise.

These days, academic and life curriculum is skewed so much that what is taught is more about social engineering, cultural engineering, and other notions that can be called “the ignoring of moral fabric, the death of individualism and spiritual health” otherwise known as socialistic communism.

Certainly, in the lower grades, education has taken a back seat to the above written.   The teachings of History, American history, basic Math, English and the axioms of reading and writing have suffered terribly if are not all but absent.  This shows itself in the  capabilities of students at home, on the net, at work and everyday life.  These folks can not make change without a computer and generally in many cases can not even complete a coherent sentence.  The fortunate have a bit better grasp on these skills but they seem incapable of forming a critical thought or to consider alternative ways of thinking other than those anti-norms that they have been taught.

Respect for parents and elders is absent and human interaction is a mystery.  Etiquette is deemed unnecessary because communication on the net, where only a keyboard and some type of monitor is needed, is an isolating experience.  The web is full of the key board courageous, where cyberspace protects one from any real response in the flesh.  Few own any social skills at all for there are no real consequences on the net.

Somewhere in this purported education, the young people have been dissuaded from capitalism, religion, spiritual learning and the two most important documents in the history of the world, (the Bible and the Constitution) thus the delight in being a free American, knowing protective borders and the freedom to worship is lost on them. If there is no change made, the aforementioned will be lost in our time.

Our children and their children have been taught disdain toward the very institutions that provide them the freedom that allows them to destroy the same.  They do not understand that what they do, nor the results that their choices today will produce for them tomorrow.

They have been and are being groomed for a one world scenario with the absence of the inalienable rights afforded us today because our constitution will no longer exist. Individualism will pass away to the value of the collective.  The collective will be all but enslaved to the elites. Believe it or not, the elites will always engage in capitalism.  Want proof?  What percentage of the material things that you own are made in Communist China?

We have to ask ourselves:  what will we do without freedom of speech, the right to elect our leaders, the freedom to own and bear arms, freedom to worship as we please, and freedom to pursue prosperous work to increase our quality.

We want to frame and blame the teachers demonstratively, calling them very poor teachers, but that is not true.  They are very good teachers, they just are teaching the wrong curriculum.

All the springs and gears have worked very well and yet, our children and grand children have been poisoned permanently, our country weakened more and more because we have not been vigilant, only to find that demon possessed leadership in government and thus, the teacher’s union has been poisoning our children for decades.

Now, the future voters of America will vote based upon their education, against Democracy, against the established mores that have served us so well.  They will become one more piece of the pie that will kill a once great country in short order.

Beware: We become aware perhaps too late that it takes due diligence, care, love, time and direction to raise a child. It takes a village.   Certainly wisdom and spirituality are absent in their teachings.   We have dropped that ball to the detriment of us all.

Be Aware:  This scenario is consistent with that in other western countries, and not at all in the Muslim or communist countries.

We are saddened because at the very least, once upon a time, there was more Right with our country than there was wrong. And now, we have our very offspring screaming in the streets in favor of Hamas, Sharia law, the Quran and with slogans like “Death to America and infidels”.  They do not know that they are listed among the infidels: Women, girls, the lgbt community, and the boys/men that might run or fight when it comes down to it.  With our borders wide open, you can bet that Hamas is here.

Think about that while you check out these links.  Our youth is in the streets embracing these creeds. What a shock they will experience in future times when those that they support turn on them.  They will turn on them.

Please peruse these links and learn what our protesters are embracing.

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The prophecy of yesterday for our today,