Dear Readers and Members,

Just a quick heads up regarding comments and suggestions from readers on this site.

Please know that We appreciate all kinds of comments and all of them will be read and approved or disapproved — You may disagree with our posts, comment on comments and offer rebuttals.

It is our desire to gain readers and share comments with all involved however, positive comments coupled with the equivalent of advertising will not be approved.  We will sell advertising space but even so, the products and methods used to present such products to our readers will be screened and possibly denied if such content does not meet our standards.

This is a Christian, Conservative and Constitutionally based site and will remain that way.  Advertising income is important to us, so if you need to purchase advertising space, please let us know so that we may provide space for you, however, we will only allow ads from companies that meet our criteria and yes, those ads may be written in English with an exact equivalent in your preferred language.

In regard to comments on our posts, English is our preferred language, the language of the USA and any comments should be submitted in that language or your comment will not be approved, no matter how positive it might be.  Translating to English these days is simple.  Please submit your comments in English.

We will not compromise our virtues and like values in order to gain followers.

Unlike our senate, congress, and other government agencies coupled with corporations that will enlist any mantra/method/spin to sell a product or an idea, we will remain steadfast to our Christian. Conservative and Constitutional base, period.

It is a sad thing to watch our country consistently be attacked by the liberal, woke and sexually confused and by corporations that will adopt any platform or mantra to increase their profits, no matter the long term fall out that does occur.

Be Aware:  We are not woke and we are not broke.

Beware — of those that will spin on a dime to gain your money or allegiance for they will soon kick you to the curb for any other opportunity that they believe to be more profitable.

Thank you