Greetings Members and Readers.

Today we get to acknowledge more upside down priorities shown clearly in recent times.  There is no word adequate to describe the loose left agenda that continues to destroy reasonable priorities that are put on the back burner by these disillusioned folks at the expense of our Citizens in this country.

Much of this stuff is perpetrated by the glorious self professed woke sanctuary cities who do not know even vaguely, that now, they are getting exactly what they have asked for.  It seems that what is deemed right for Texas is wrong for New York, et al.

NYC students get blocked from their schools on a cold rainy day (Wednesday the 10th) because the schools were turned over to the cold wet migrants that were bused to that city.  There, they (the illegal migrants) found Sanctuary in warm, dry school rooms, with bathrooms just down the hall and probably a school breakfast, lunch and dinner while our kids were relegated to internet study at home.  You can bet they were not tucked up in their bedrooms studying!    This, when our schools are ranked 14th in the world!

We think that this tale is a great measurement where we, as U.S. citizens rank in priority with the undocumented, unknown peoples of the world that have crashed our borders.  Just imagine what that school will look like, if and when, they finally leave. Our ranking as citizens is not 14th in this measure, but last.

There is energy being spent in Congress to declare that these illegal undocumented migrants should be added to the rolls of medicare and medicaid, and thus, surely to the food stamp program, etc. Free! That should get your attention because many that are “working” pay a monthly premium into the government for that “health insurance”.  We suspect that 6 to 8 million freeloaders will break the back of that program, sooner than later.  Once again, the priorities are backward as ” we the people” lose out to the strangers from afar where both of us will be, eventually, without medical care, premium paid or not.

There is a woman, 20ish, ranting against the elderly on TicTok that the older folks have created an economy that forces her to actually work to get by.  She is an employee making somewhere around 12$ per hour at Walmart, which in most of the country is a great entry level job placement for her.

It is possible that she is correct, because two really old people screwed up in the Garden of Eden, where after their transgression, God determined for us all that our successes were, henceforth, to be solely relative to the sweat found on our brow.  To be clear, we are to reap what we sow.  That woman is not doing anyone any favors ranting on Tic Tok spewing the idea that she should not have to work for a living.

Who gave her the idea that the Garden of Eden was still open?  Surprise, not only does one need to work to eat but simultaneously, support some 46 million people enjoying free stuff.  Food, medicine, housing, phones, etc.

Her choices are to work, grow, invest time and effort for the pay day to come down the road or she can have three babies, fake a disability and become a scholar in welfare law to collect a bare minimum subsistence while she milks more than a few unsuspecting men, now and then, for a few frills.  Our idea of success does not include Ramen noodles as a staple, drinking ten Dr. Peppers a day and watching TV while doing double duty on Tic Tok, applying stick on nails and polishing a nose ring but people have the right to their choices.  That is until the system craters where none of us have any choices.


Work provides income, independence, individuality  and a window to more success.  That is what we call “freedom”.  Our young are not being taught a work ethic and will end up dependent upon government which insures low quality in the form of medicine, food, income and housing.  It is a deep hole that many are digging for themselves that will become a self fulfilling prophecy.  Less time on the net and more effort investing in personal credentials would be much better spent for those that will be influenced by this young girl.

There is also the consideration that many crossing the border will reach for their goals of earning in America and achieve the necessary skills to usurp the likes of this woman found on Tic Tok.  So, when this woman begins to see the opportunities that can be earned by work, she will be left out and replaced by a border crosser, some portion of these intruders finding citizenship and success through hard work.  If that number of intruders is 8 million people, 20% will press on and succeed in this country, some 1,600,000 people and in that case, we will better for it as a country — she will not as a competitor.

Does anyone ever wonder why this Chinese Social Media is named Tic Tok?  Could it be that with the ticking of the clock, in time, that this Chinese Media will move tens of thousands toward communism?  That is their plan!  The above mentioned blonde Walmart girl certainly has taken the bait. Life is tough, capitalism or communism, get a helmet.

The antics of Hunter Biden, et al, are demonstrating a two tiered justice system where The Big Guy and family probably have milked our enemies for big bucks and it is suggested that they [ our enemies ] have reaped some large favors.  If this is proven to be true, it is nothing less than treason.  Hunters’ ignoring a congressional subpoena and then showing up twice before or near congress by his own volition proves further arrogance and disdain for our laws.  The justice department will have a difficult time ignoring their responsibility to gather Hunter in and will probably ignore that responsibility.  More arrogance and favor shown the Biden family.  Hunter has been held in contempt by congress and for that and $2.00, one can get a cup of coffee.

It is a very real worry that often there seems to be no one at the helm or available for that matter when it comes to international acts of war perpetrated daily toward the U.S. and Israel.  The folks that are supposed to be on deck are weak kneed, indecisive or absent.  Some are more worried about electric cars and unearned equity for non-performers than the rockets and bombs that threaten us everyday.  Now, our leader at the department of defense, The Pentagon, is calling the shots while in the hospital under the influence of chemo therapy and several different pain killers.  That should make us feel better.  At least he might show some backbone under his drugged haze with assertive, temporary bravery.

There is good news in all of this, if we do not implode in short order.  The Caucus in Iowa certainly shows a massive move toward Trump.  The Dems  will be foaming at the mouth by Tuesday morning.  It is a wonderful thing to see.

They, the woke, the left, the sexually confused, the present day government and our educators will prove to be our best friends for they, themselves are demonstrating daily that these upside down, anything goes attitudes are All failing.  These people are driven by ignorance, emotion, a need to feel included thru sublime conformity and very real Dark forces.  It is interesting that many of these folks are already concluding that this trend found in our country will be All of our undoing and they will waver. It is already happening.

Chavez took Venezuela 25 years ago in a similar manner and that country has never recovered. Note: they are a great oil producing country and and the founder of OPEC and still can not get out of their own way to date.

Let us, the deplorable, cling to our Bibles, our Constitution and our Guns and allow them to bury themselves as we sweep the election in just 11 months.  Our spending and our errant school curriculum will be our total undoing if we do NOT turn a new page toward responsible government and God.  VOTE!


Be Aware: “The Harbinger” is a great book that will give you an understanding of the history of the Jews and the parallels seen in recent U.S history.  You will learn Why that is important.  Fascinating Book.

Find the link for the book here:

Beware!:  Hertz article about EVs below:  Beware!   They don’t work in frigid weather.

Hertz Dumping 20,000 Electric Cars

Hertz is selling off 20,000 electric vehicles (EVs), about a third of its electric fleet, just two years after announcing a major pivot to electric cars. The rental giant will replace the cars with gas-powered vehicles.
Hertz said the electric cars had much higher repair costs and were involved in more collisions than its regular vehicles. The used EVs, including Teslas, will be put on the market for consumers to buy at reduced prices.
The news comes as the market for EVs has slowed and inventory is piling up at many car dealers. High repair costs, particularly for Teslas, is not a new issue, though Hertz gave no reason for why the vehicles had more collisions.