Greetings Members and Readers,

We have been awaken a few days ago with unhappy news that Hamas has attacked Israel and 1000s of lives have been lost on both ends of the attack.  It seems like just another day in the neighborhood with everyone signing in for a piece of the responsibility and certainly for the right to climb on the comment bus, and make what ever comment seems appropriate from who ever is crowding the microphone.

There are many that will talk the most who have the least understanding of what is happening.  Take much of it as a grain of salt and ignorant smoke.

What is really happening?  Same ole same old.   All of those that can will call for damages done, those that have lost family will fuss about screaming for retribution and restitution.  Trust me, it is all coming.

Israel will be locked in to destroy Hamas, whom seems stuck in a 6 year schedule to renew the same ole miseries and now, the green hairs are being flung from the highest roofs, appropriate pronouns or not and youth killed at their music festival….  It says much about both groups and the disconnect of the naive that really do not understand in the least the 3500 year old struggle of both peoples and biblical prophecies.

Simply said, the birth of the child of Abraham by Hagar created a split with Hebrew birthright where suddenly a Palestinian child was introduced into that mix and that struggle has never stopped since that day.  More importantly, God has a covenant with the Jews where they are declared to never be displaced.

Biden will strut and talk big regardless of the fact that all of us know that Biden is funding both sides of this conflict and more.  Most will strut and mutter, act a big shot and offer some comments that are supposed to create fear and a worry of world war or local nuclear war as the media types will offer answers while sensationalizing all explosions.

Hamas will use the Palestinians caught in the cross fire, their own people, as pawns in this struggle of war, to further the Palestinian agenda of effective Jihad while striving to survive this large mistake perpetrated by Hamas upon the Jews and innocent Palestinians.  It is incredible that the Palestinians will cheer their own destruction in order to further destroy a few more Jews.   Students from all over the world are rationalizing this conflict while denying that Hamas began this sneak attack, totally unprovoked, upon the Jews.  We wonder how many actually have the read the Hamas charter.

It is truly the sheep being led to their own slaughter by those who are assumed to protect these same sheep.

Israel will go momentarily quiet and prepare for a ground war while blowing a bit of smoke for a few days and Monday or so, we will once again see that Israel will wait for no one to protect it’s soil, they will ask no one and if anything,  only advise those that will align with Israel in days to come.

Already, this morning, Monday, we have seen Massive air strikes from Israel to Hamas etc. and the sun is barely up.  It is going to be a hard day for some.

This might become a big one and if so, perhaps it needs to get big.  This has been going on and on and rekindling itself every 6 years or so and evil acts have been recorded for perpetuity.

We can all rely on Israel to take care of business and only wish the USA was so unencumbered to act as independently.

Our country is a pitiful shadow of what it has once been.  We will support Israel even while some of own Democrats fly the Hamas flags in their own halls of government.

Just watch Israel start drawing lines and holding feet to the fire.  They don’t play.   At the table now are Israel, USA, Hamas, Iran, Russia, N. Korea, England and a few more who have not yet become vocal. Saudi is suddenly mumbling stuff in favor of Hamas.  Why is the USA talking to Iran? simple, no one else will talk to us.  Biden’s absence is glaring and there is 6 billion dollars lodged somewhere as a prize.

What are they fighting for?  SOS  (same ole stuff)

How about oil, ammo, money, territory, Nuclear proliferation, a declared new comer on the nuclear power stage and a jihad toward Israel that has been perpetuated for centuries.  Scriptures in the book “Revelations” are suddenly making more sense as the anti-christ’s  planned war is near or at hand and God’s victories over evil are soon to be seen….After the rapture, he will allow evil to destroy itself for as long as it takes in our time.

Sometimes one may wonder, if he or she is paying attention, that one more time, in this case, Hamas and Israel are just noise to distract all of us from seeing other significant actions playing out in our world.  Maybe this time, the news focus is used to distract the strife suddenly found in the House of  Representatives and what that predicament really means.  Maybe something more sinister is cloaked by shocking the world with a repeat in Gaza.  It is a given that without the ability to act, Congress is moot and unable to participate in the most dangerous times that we have experienced in the history of mankind.  Presently, it, congress is nothing more than an expensive library group and perhaps that is a good thing because waving their little white flags from the halls of congress calling for a cease fire does nothing to eliminate such evil.

One thing for sure, the Jews are suddenly free to pursue their perceived need to end the existence of Hamas, certainly within the context of Israel’s existence unencumbered by the spineless folks in the halls of the U.S Congress.

Be Aware,     It is not like one needs to make this stuff up!  There is fodder a-plenty for subject matter for or from any book, chapter or verse.

This was an unprovoked attack executed in secret, in the dark and to date, no explanations have been offered from Hamas.  But as usual, now that Hamas has called down the thunder, they are cowering behind their helpless countrymen to prevent the permanent extinction of them all in Gaza.  It is one thing to be consumed with evil but now, they cloak themselves in cowardice hiding behind civilians.

I am not sure that their cowardly plans will work for them this time because the resolve of the Israeli people and many others in this world has been let loose to stop this madness once and for all.

Beware:  if we can not learn to control our innate need to destroy, we will surely destroy ourselves worldwide to the same extent that Hamas is now insuring the destruction of it’s own people in Gaza.  It is evident that such evil cannot be allowed to continue to exist.  Sooner or later, the evil and atrocities perpetrated upon the people of the earth can only come to rest in the laps of good men that choose to do nothing.

It has been demonstrated that what has taken 20 years to accomplish in Gaza can be destroyed in just a matter of days and again, Hamas is so preoccupied with it’s emotional tantrum to destroy that it will soon willingly watch, in real time, the death throes of most in Gaza including themselves.

To What End?

Really, the world just wants the opportunity to live, love and laugh over a dinner of sustenance with family and friends and their God in a warm/cool safe environment.  Such a desire and expectation of life is not over the top and has been historically refused only by ego driven power wielding bullies of the ages, who want it ALL at the expense of others or all of us.  If they can not ACHEIVE such a superiority, then, we all will die. It is evident that mankind is too immature, selfish, self absorbed and evil to handle the power that we can wield.

For 2 billion Christians, believe it or not, that is only good news, as death on this earth just spells immediate eternal life in another place which is prophesied and preferable to this hell perpetrated upon all the people of this earth ad infinitum.

How do you dissuade such a win to those who live for that day?

One thing is for sure.  There will soon be a reckoning and it is not going to be pretty.

In their bravado, Hamas once again, in their evil disposition, cower in bunkers situated underneath civilian babies and the elderly depending upon the humanity of the Jews and the rest of the world for a few more days of life.

Two billion of us know that God will step in and finish this insanity, most assuredly reserving a place for the repentant innocent.

And yes, As of 10/20/23, it all seems to be getting down to who gets what money, (that we do not have to spend) and the rantings of the bored, naive, and totally uninformed to convict Israel of the very atrocities perpetrated upon the Jews by Hamas et al.,even in the face of video evidence otherwise.

We seem to have a unexplainable need to manufacture a scenario to destroy ourselves…

We will wonder at some place, at some time just how this all happened and what will have been gained.

My oh my, how the lives of those at Duke, Harvard, etc. (two of many spoiled conclaves of petulant children including staff, admin and professors) will have changed after this cluster bomb goes off.  Don’t we know by now that war is only about atrocities, suffering, economic melt down, blood and death?

We wonder if anyone is really familiar with the covenant that the Jews most assuredly enjoy with God and how that prophesy is completed.

If we keep chipping away at this story it will show itself in a manner where there will be total destruction (no more lattes at Duke or espresso at Harvard).

Be Aware:  But for the Jews and God’s church, there will be no breakfast at all.