Greetings Members and Readers,

It has become apparent that we are a seriously divided nation in regards to all things cherished by at least half of us.

As predicted, the Hispanic and Black voters did rise to the occasion and they were heard clearly. They are tired of being taken for granted, then ignored after the vote and more importantly, are not interested in lowering the bar so that we might all become more equal in near poverty but rather, are interested in lifting the individual and thus, all of us to a better lifestyle through opportunity, work, worship, education and family.  Glory — glory.

We won’t have to watch Nancy smirk, roll her eyes and lick her teeth anymore and that, to me, is worth all that it took to re-take the house.

It is a curious observation that many polls showed that 75% of us, all of us, are not happy with the direction of our country, yet we still voted a near 50/50 split in regard to choosing our leaders.  That means to me that many of us can answer a simple question in a survey but that many are uninformed in regard to the political persuasion of any given candidate and/or are not really aware of the consequences of their choices. Our national foundations are being attacked and eroded from without and within our borders.

We don’t read and explore and learn about our potential leaders or the issues at hand. Instead, we rely on 8 second sound bites to determine how to right our ship and once again defer to the puppet masters in the name of convenience and expedience to make our decision for us.  We dutifully mark the box of their choice depending upon them, their honesty and their soundbite.

We wonder why most of our leaders treat us like sheep and the answer is simple…   We act like sheep.

We must begin to understand that we are being bullied by a media that uses sensationalism to create fear in order to get our attention with half truths or lies, rather than simply telling the truth unencumbered with desperate innuendo.

A simple example of that might be a weather channel reporter seen standing in a ditch rushing with run off water while trying to convince us that the tropical storm is strengthening and doom for us all is close at hand.

The red wave did not show itself but the gains made are important.  The house does control the national check book and that is a big deal.

We have been shown some bright new faces that are younger, capable and eager to apply themselves for US to move toward a more sane approach to good government rather than allow the minority of woke fools dictate our beliefs to us.

I feel very concerned that Trump is going to spoil the barrel of apples that could soon produce a grand apple pie.  He is very capable of applying his astute policies that can and would right our ship but his immature antics, labeling, name calling and confrontational demeanor puts off many potential supporters that are not able to separate his expertise from his personality.

Unless he matures and becomes more the experienced and wise statesman, he will be met with a lot of folks that would vote against him rather than for his opponent.  That is what happened in 2020.

Note that we have not seen or heard from Kamala in months.  Fine with me. Apparently the media, the Dems and the puppeteers have unanimously decided that she is nothing more than a liability and an embarrassment to us all.  Maybe she will find a place with Nancy, where she can cackle with naive glee while Nancy licks her teeth in their own little booth at a posh diner in D.C..  It is evident that none of the Dems wanted to be associated with her during the campaigning time before the election.  Even the press lost interest in her word salads and nervous laughter.

AOC? She is still trying to find traction anywhere to demonstrate that she is once again a “Victim” of some thing or another.

To President Trump!:  It is time to become the benevolent, elder statesman, whose experience and sage like skill to govern is showcased and drop the combative name calling demeanor.  Those antics, including early morning tweets are childish and misrepresent who you really are.  If you do not change your previously demonstrated demeanor, you will never make it through a run off with several very capable repub candidates.  As discussed in Ayn Rands’ book, Atlas Shrugged, there are two ways to become successful beyond imaginings.  You can graciously achieve more than anyone else or you can make sure that no one else achieves as much as do you.

Mr. Trump, while you stroke your ego, demean challengers with mean spirited name calling or criticize some ones’ height, (within your own party), you become a lesser man and put off well meant voters for no reason or benefit. You just become unlikable.

Your comments after you declared yourself as a candidate for President were excellent.   I am not sure who wrote that for you but he is on point and understands that your ad lib off script can and usually does cause you harm and negates your real message to the people.   Keep it up.  The media like MSNBC will bait you for they need your previous antics so as to keep up their Trump bashing so that they might keep the few hundred viewers that they have left.  Do not rise to the bait..  Unless you smoke them out for their antics.

It took you less than twenty minutes after the votes were counted in Florida to begin your immature name calling, demeaning DeSantis and somehow you included Youngkin, both of whom are very capable candidates and seem much more mature than you, at least, as you have previously demonstrated.  We the people want a cool calm collected leader who can get the job done without the side show of your personal opinion of those who would challenge you within your own party.

Shortly stated, we are tired of kindergarten participants and ready for some grad school action.

Beware:    We think that you can be a winner but our entire future as a country depends upon whether you show yourself as a capable leader or a whining name calling brat that will give the election away to the left.  It is up to you which one of you shows up for the campaign.  That conclusion will probably be decided in a primary that will include DeSantis and Youngkin, where both of them will brush you off as a desperate child who has no other tools in his bag than name calling and general personal attacks.


Be aware:    There is no one that can do the job better than you but you have to give yourself a chance and convince a lot of swing voters that there is a new experienced, respectful and wiser Trump at the mic.   The future can be all good for us all, and the side effects for much of the media will be a complete impotence caused by the new You.  Most of them are gunning for you and you will have simply stolen their ammo.