Greeting to our readers and members,

Well, it seems that our country is ignoring it’s early death throes because the charade plays on.

Biden proudly has spent another 2 trillion dollars as he signed the “inflation reduction act” (bringing our national debt to somewhere around 32 trillion and that does not include 60 some trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities).  you know, food stamps, social security, medicaid, medicare, abortions, etc.

It is a great day that we have thrown another trainload of dollars into an economy that already has too many dollars chasing too few goods, never mind that it is simply impossible to repay such debt.

It is an elementary equation that too many dollars chasing too few goods causes rampant inflation or to be more accurate, international dollar devaluation.

It gives one pause to consider that while we are spending gargantuan resources (time, energy, emotional and financial) to placate, question and re-arrange our very existence, that no one is in the bilge trying to repair the horrendous leak in our sinking ship, not to mention that there are several countries in the world that would aid and abet the sinking of said ship by putting another torpedo or worse into it’s hull.  But we will lessen our carbon footprint a bit more to help save the world as we make our exit out of it.  The music will play on.

Meanwhile, there are 4 million “Biden” illegal migrants wandering around our country, often assisted by free night time plane rides, bus rides, and boat rides to almost every region in our country.  It is interesting that the folks in Liberal Elite Martha’s Vineyard are suddenly “UPSET”  after a few bus loads of these Migrants showed up in their neighborhoods.  Why is it that they seem to feel abused to get an upfront and  personal taste of that which is somehow deemed OK for the folks in El Paso?  Maybe some will show up in the Hampton’s soon and they will be able to get a deal on grass cutting and hedge trimming as they offer their backyards as campsites for these fine folks.  Oh, news flash. The fine folks of Martha’s Vineyard, 24 hours later, shipped these same migrants out on another bus, perhaps a really nice bus.  Obama lives there on 30 acres.  He could have easily dedicated a few of those acres to the migrant travelers.  Why not?

Dick’s Sporting Good is no longer selling guns, but they are making a fortune selling tents to these folks that need shelter.  Think of it — 4 million tents, battery operated lights and a few hundred thousand mini-porto potties.

We can rest assured that as we sink ever more quickly into the abyss of bankruptcy as a country and individually, that our carbon foot print will be reduced as our oil companies make giant profits selling or buying our oil to/from our enemies.

It is a comfortable feeling that our country will be the leader in climate change control as we economically and perhaps practically revert back to tribalism, burning wood for heat, using candles for light, and of course, there will be less trash and garbage to deal with since we will no longer be consumers, but rather survivors. I did not mention coal as a source for heat because China has bought it all and is spewing black carbon smoke into the sky at unprecedented rates daily. Meanwhile, we can use our suv’s and electric cars as a sauna and save on club membership.  There are some twinkling lights at the end of this tunnel of ignorance.

I do worry about the horses though —  as we move to animal drawn carriages, the horse, mule, donkey and cows that might pull us around from place to place as we forage for food and water, all do fart.  I am wondering if that would negate the lessening carbon footprint.  AOC would know!

I guess that we could gather and burn the billions of covid masks as well that are laying around and that would be a triple win, folks could no longer hide behind their masks, we might rid ourselves of a few covid germs and we would get light and heat for a day or two.  And in regard to the stuff acquired in our recent past that might require energy, it will be stolen by the so many criminals out of jail on a zero bond program.  So it is all going to work itself out.  No clutter.

Even de-funding the police will work out in the end as when we all finally cry loudly for government help to begin to repair the criminal problem that will be excruciatingly intolerable, the government will quickly establish military rule called “policing” at our own request.  So we can expect relief there, the criminals will be deterred and the army will roust you out of bed in the wee hours of the morning for uttering the word “Trump” and then steal your toaster in one efficient movement.

I am stymied and confused about the concern and worry shown by all, especially the bleeding heart liberals in regard to the poor children coming across the border.  We all agree that children, helpless little ones that have no control over their lives, poor things that are wearing $200 jogging suits and texting grand ma back in the homeland on a $900 dollar phone are given little comfort.  Like, where in the hell are the Prada sneakers?

It confuses me that they are, at least being considered, while two million other children have been murdered, snatched from the womb or not by the civilized practice of abortion at our expense — due to the inalienable rights purportedly offered and guaranteed by the constitution, exercised by these “nearly” mothers just this year.  I can not find that anywhere after an exhaustive search in either the constitution or the bill of rights…………….

On another topic, equally refreshing, where a bit of light can be gleaned, seniors are being attacked, maimed and robbed in every corner of our country, folks of all ages are being shot to death if for no other reason than they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time — you know, like the library or out in front of their church or on the corner waiting for their ride and maybe even in the launder-mat.  These are folks that should know better than to wash their clothes or go to their church for a short prayer forgiving those that would do harm. Where is the light you ask?  Some of the bad guys are being killed by the more prepared prey and ultimately, though we are losing a lot of good hard working citizens in these skirmishes,  they are taking some of the bad guys with them. Gun sales are up and there will be more death on both sides of that equation but at present there are more of the good guys than bad guys, eventually the good will win out.

I am pleased that we are seeing a major improvement in Biden’s cognitive skills, as suddenly he seems to have it all together while spewing his pitiful spin on the polls and the drive our government has committed to in regard to restoring or saving the “Soul of our Nation”.  No gaffs, no stuttering, you know, he seems like a regular guy these days. I wonder if he has a look alike cousin or some such thing.  How did he get well so fast?  Modern day medicine is a wonderful thing, hmmm, is plastic surgery a modern day medicine?

I have found solace with Kamala’s assurances that she has now been to Europe and might go to the border. Even so, she has it on well founded and researched info that the Border is secure.  No problem, all fixed. Dang, more light showing itself.

We might want to consider that the news casts that we see or hear or read about are well scripted and prepared productions created by folks that have an agenda.

When our school children are being taught white guilt, given lessens on how rotten this country has been, are taught how to be a homo-sexual or refused American history and still can not read or utter a complete sentence, something might in the wind.

When we are shown on the national screens that crime is OK, jail is passe, policing is racists, and churches are for fairly tale tellers, something might be in the wind.

When we are infected by an “accidental” virus, treated with a fake vaccine, and sold masks that accomplish little or nothing and we fearfully rush out and buy this stuff, something might be in the wind.

Hollywood is corrupt and sick and their products are simply motivational films to teach a social acceptance of previously taboo behavior.  Check the wind.

DC is corrupt and sick, major church institutions are corrupt and sexually sick.  Corporations are greedy, manipulative and will hop onto any bandwagon that will sell more product and our government is spending all of it’s time and money to sell their social agenda rather than to further and advance our lives, something might be in the wind.

God is left out of our daily lives, or if not, we who seek his solace are persecuted publicly and privately.

When all banks suddenly decide en masse not to pay interests on deposits, unless you think that .025 percent is interest, something might be in the wind.

When all of this is immediately skewed and spun on social media and that info is thus corrupted further 30 million times a minute, something might be in the wind.

When Joe is telling us that he is trying to save the Soul of this nation by reducing our standard of living, wrecking our national budget, ignoring our enemies’ growing strength internationally and forcing prices of all things to become unattainable for many of us.  Something might be in the wind.

When Kamala tells us that we are irrational because the border has never been more secure even though the folks in Martha’s Vineyard disagree..   Something is in the wind.

When all the above is occurring, co-operating, interacting and going on at the same time, when the media concurs with the exact matching sound bites daily, we can be sure that not only is a storm brewing but the winds are readying to hurl themselves at us and will soon be experienced.  When we discover that Biden is depleting the national petroleum reserve to 40%, a 30 year low and is not sharing it with us but is selling it to our enemies through his agent, Hunter Biden, it sure to be a near perfect storm soon to be experienced.  It is almost too late to call your wind and hail insurance man.

Just so you will know, the national petroleum  reserve is largely reserved for the Military.  If our military has no fuel, how are we going to protect ourselves?

Go to the voting stations and let them know that this activity is not acceptable or we will soon no longer be able to express ourselves.  It all is truly in our hands.  Of course you will vote, but this time make it your goal to bring two folks to the voting stations with you that might otherwise not have voted.  This is serious business.

The Jews in the 1940’s were frightened and complacent due to their fear and 6,000,000 of them were gassed and burnt to a crisp.  As T.S Eliot has said in his writing called, The Hollow Men, we have a choice of going out with a bang or a whimper.

Be Aware:  Read the Communist Manifesto.  Know Thy Enemy.  We are seeing it deployed daily and are too busy trying to secure a 60″ TV to notice.

Beware:  When money is free, it really means that soon it will be worthless.  If a dollar is six inches long, how many miles will it take to lay all these dollars down end to end? $32,000, — 64,000,000,000,000 feet — equal how many miles.

I will look for the answer in your comments.