Greetings   Members and Readers,

I do not know about you but I think that we are in a Mess.  Talk about a Catch 22!

More and more, Biden is seen on National TV as a shuffling elder that does not know where he is, where he is going, who he is with and why he is at any location at any given moment. He might as well be at Toys R us, Dollar General or a stinky Walmart.

It is embarrassing and frightening to embrace the idea that he is in charge of the most powerful country in the world, meeting with the King of England, showing up at a NATO summit, falling up the steps three times in one attempt to get on Air Force 13 and one more time yesterday or discussing important topics with representatives from China, Russia, an ice cream vendor —- and now a palace guard.

He needs help getting off a stage, he needs someone to show him the way to an exit place, he shakes hands with invisible people and he can not prioritize moving through the Kings’ palace to a prearranged meeting room WITH the King or stopping to speak with a uniformed guard that is sworn not to make eye contact, move or speak with anyone while on guard.

The King was frustrated with Biden’s choice to do that, breaking protocol and was momentarily amused / astonished that the President of the United States seemed to be in the room but was really at a giant Nutcracker display at Christmas time.

Biden looked like a dazed 7 year old walking through a toy store for the first time in a sedated sensory overload.

These are signs of Dementia that show loss of focus, priority, purpose, presence and protocol in real time not to mention a display of near immobility.

It is hard to imagine what gaffs he makes in back room meetings with important representatives of the world, and worse, what secrets he might be giving away in his momentary semi-conscious episodes when he starts to stutter or get tough and angry.

Yesterday, he disclosed to the world that Ukraine was running out of ammo.  A logical conclusion to that statement might be that their suppliers of same are running low and that just might be US.   Thanks Joey!

The beach vids:

The beach video of Joe on this recent holiday shows a man that struggles just to take off his shirt, sit down on a lounge chair, or conversely, to get up out of a lounge chair.  The lack of footing on the beach showed demonstratively that his balance is gone and it was easily determined that he has lost half of his hair in very recent times.  The look on his face is one of hope and joy that he has almost figured out where he is, and getting closer by the minute.

It is time to conclude that he can no longer even fake it in a satisfactory manner.

Kamala is stuck with her sharing of word salad diatribes on time and space and the revelation that they ( time and space ) might have some sort of ongoing relationship, coupled with 2nd grade geography lessons all interrupted with giggles, gaggles and belly laughs that are obviously contrived to garner some sort of comradery with her audiences while she is trying to figure out what to say next, something that will seem profound for the ages.

It is a toss up that the cocaine found in the white house could belong to one of these two, the Big Guy or Kamala, who is still dealing with time and what space might be the keeper of the coke.  Hunter is just dealing.

It is apparent that there are several people running this country and Joe and Kamala are not on that list.

What do we do now?

In a world full of confusion, near panic, war, economic melt down, and currency wars, we are left worrying ourselves with cultural insanity and plans to build a bridge across the pacific ocean led by Winkin, Laughin and Nod.  We are going to need a lot of charging stations on that bridge, plus 300 7/11s,  500 hotels,  50 hospitals, a 500 eating places and 10 draw bridges to accommodate international shipping.  Maybe even a few fishing docks to soften charging times.

We have had many low times in the history of our country but never has it been so bad in so many different ways while being lead by the likes of the three stooges.

We need to rise up at the polls, Dems and Pubs, of all creeds and colors or we are soon to be TOAST!

It is horrifying that THIS is all that we have to offer our countrymen and the world.

Be Aware:  King George lll had a mental disorder and he lost a continent.

Beware:  We are about to lose that same continent in the name of the Big Family Guy.

God help us please, soon!