Greeting Members and Readers and the few liberals who have guts enough to read this:

The ongoing attempted theft of a Sovereign Democratic Nation, The Ukraine, is beyond sobering and is sending us all big hints about the future.

Yes, there are elements within Ukraine that are nothing more than Eastern European Mafioso. That is not particularly unique in the world.  I believe that such underworld activity is presently found in every country.  I.E. Nepotism, underbelly business enterprises, etc. (you know what they are). Who among you knows of the “Trilateral Commission” or the “Council on Foreign Relations”.  Nothing more than a good ole rich boy mafia with fine furnishings and big bank accounts.  Look it up.

It is said that the Kennedy’s got their start the same way, Bootlegging and later had many freighters anchored up in New York Harbor loaded with scotch whiskey weeks before prohibition ended in the U.S.A. In fact, they had the scotch whiskey import business sewn up with exclusive rights to import same to this day. Nothing new there. The point is that almost no nation can be called squeaky clean and on a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being high on the underworld thing and a 10 denoting the least corrupt, the Ukraine has a  terrible score, like a 3.

Never the less, the bulk of the 40 million people there love the USA or at least, the principals of democracy and work hard like we do to get through the day. They have dreams, families, businesses, mortgages, christian churches and short and long term goals. They are proud of their country, their independence, and are a very patriotic group, obviously willing to die to remain so.  Half of them remember living under the yoke of communist rule by The USSR and are not going to endure that again. Many would simply rather die fighting such tyranny.

Even if you have your nose stuck in social media 24/7, one would have to know what going on there.  Hospitals bombed, schools, apartment buildings, tanks purposely running over a civilian automobile, etc.

Acknowledging that war is truly, Hell, we can decide that there is little sanity experienced in war.

In a nuclear world, we have simply earned an impotence to complete the act of war knowing that all out nuclear destruction yields no winner and reduces us all to archaic tribalism if we survive.   We really have no idea what worldwide nuclear war would do to our world.  It is really almost unimaginable.  This selfish event happening today in the Ukraine could become the catalyst that knocks over all the dominoes.  And for what?  Oil, wheat, and a kind of communist manifest destiny, ego and a blood lust looking for ventilation?

Let us suppose that somehow that can be avoided, barring some real nut case pushing a few buttons one night, and that the communists (Russia and China) take larger and larger territories and begin to capitalize on their investments here in the USA.

Some of that investment would be our young people having already been indoctrinated to feel disdain toward Democracy, capitalism and Christianity and our constitution.  Many don’t remember that some 60 years ago, Khrushchev said at a UN meeting televised internationally, that the USSR  would take over our country without firing a shot on the North American continent by capitalizing upon our innate greed, the tangled web that we weave and our rationalized learned immorality.

We now find ourselves in the “valley of decision” where no good choices exists.  Our leaders are gutless and compromised, 50% of North Americans do not work, half of our population is stuck in sanctified delusion labeling our institutions as systemically racist, half our our population have never experienced a finger blister due to physical work, where we have become a soft nation with soft hands, big mouths, effeminate male bodies, hardened female bodies, lots of keyboard courage and few of us can even walk 5 miles. It has been said that “when the going gets tough in America, that the tough go shopping”.

Amongst the sound bites we have been pounded with in the last few years, things like how racist we have become, how the sexually confused demand that we accept their perversions and celebrate them, how women demand the right to abort their child, never mind the feelings of the father or the child, and how global warming is going to kill us all. It has been demonstrated that the mind set of our youth is nothing more than erroneous righteous naivete. The idea of God is becoming more and more, left out of the conversation.

I wonder if it has ever crossed the minds of these self sanctified folks that when they finally get what they want, that they will be the first target of such a socialistic utopia, with no constitutional rights. They will be put to work, and/or put to death, culled from that new society as has happened in previous times.

In Germany, at the beginning and throughout Hitler’s tirade, hundreds of thousands of sexually confused folks were killed and no one cared if they had the right to live, work, prosper and celebrate their lives in their own way.  They were just hauled off and killed, they were accompanied by Jews, Jehovah’s witness Christians, and women, however, the Nazi camps did prefer to use the women for their experiments, and pleasure first.  No one cared about individual human rights nor did they have to worry about constitutional issues because there was no such writing.

It is tragic that these folks in this country are so consumed with “self” that they do not understand historical facts.  That utopia that they so fervently believe in and yearn to experience will not be shared with them.  They will be remembered, if at all, for the naive chumps and worthless fodder that helped topple a genuinely free country.

If you, the keyboard courageous and the left winged progressives, as you say, can not comprehend how a communists/socialist /totalitarian country treats it’s citizens, just take a sobering look at the Ukraine.  It is not hard to discern that Putin cares nothing for the citizenry of the Ukraine.  He just wants to subjugate whom ever is left to do his bidding.

Now we have the trending reparations plea coming from RUSSIA, suggesting the we, the USA owe them for our acquisition of Alaska and some part of California.  It seems to me that we bought Alaska from Russia for 7 million dollars in the early 1800’s, so what is that all about. This coming from THE Russians who are presently stealing the country of Ukraine in front of the entire world.

I think that Eve should pay reparations for causing Adam to eat the fruit off the apple tree.  How much should we ask for and from whom?

Be Aware — the only thing that we learn from history is that we do not learn from history

Beware –of your own sloth, ignorance and naivete, for one day, if you do not change that, you will be taught in just a few hours just how delusional you have been.