The Border  Part I


Brother,  what a nightmare.  Just to research and contemplate the reality of what is going on will make your stomach, CHURN AND BURN!


In short, there are powers that have decided that flooding our country with illegal aliens is an expedient way to dilute our population with “takers”, people that will be presumably become democratic voters, among them are unaccompanied minors and purveyors of drugs and other type criminals with great expectations to “get”, rather than earn, freebies such as food, medicine, housing, education and to find easy targets for robbery or customers for their drug trade, etc.  I wish that I could say that these migrants are seeking to become accepted into the land of the “free” but I am confident that it is more accurate to say that these folks are much more interested in coming to the land of “free stuff”.

In the past, one would make the trek, either legally or illegally, to the United States in hopes of acquiring the opportunity to become a citizen here.  That would mean, learning the language, beginning a plan to earn a better life for themselves and their families enjoying the metamorphic process of becoming a citizen in the  U.S.A..  Remember that most of these folks are not striving to become American because if they are from South America or central America, that they are already American, meaning a person from the Americas.

Also, this phenomena is soon to become an upside down catastrophe because our country is hell bent to change our country into that which these people have just escaped.

In my travels of several decades, which includes most of South America and the entire Caribbean, I have found almost all of those peoples to be gracious, accommodating, extremely polite, Christian, hard working and family oriented.

No, I am not naive nor do I have my head stuck in the sand.  In all those places there are good people and bad people.  And some that would kill you for a $5.00 bill and never lose a moments sleep over it.  Note that there are plenty of people like that here in this country, too.

My point is that for those that come into our country illegally, they will mature over a few years and become that which they wanted to be in their previous domicile nation.  They will become contributing individuals, tax paying workers, fathers and mothers of children, church members and yes, conservative voters.  They will bring with them that recipe of family, God, work and country, which are all elements of a conservative life style, unpracticed.  They will not enjoy seeing their hard earn taxes wasted nor will they enjoy seeing others undermining that which they have earned and achieved.

Even they, the ignorant and uneducated, will soon understand that FREE stuff is but a dream.  When stuff is free, then for the recipient of that stuff, no work is required by that person, therefore, no stuff is created in any form by that recipient.  So, there is less stuff to be had and if you extrapolate that equation to the hoard, yes, stuff will still be free for the taking but there will be no stuff to take for free or for any price.  Production will become all but zero because no one is producing anything,.

The rules of supply and demand are always in force and no matter what the demand, if work does not take place to produce supply, then there will be little or no supply to steal or to buy.

But, while all the axioms of economy are being tried and tested again, the price for stuff will be paid by someone, so until the government takes over as recently seen in Cuba, Venezuela, and South Africa, “We the people” will pay the price.

The idea of an open border, perpetrated upon the American People, by these forces known and unknown, is meant to dilute our country with needy dependents so as to create a mechanism of imminent wealth re-distribution until that wealth is zeroed out and then the government will take over with a “rescue” form of semi – communism, acting as the hero for the people who obviously need a new government to “help” those who are suddenly, a relative term, impoverished.

There is nothing new here, just one more method of many to break the back of the people by social division, racial division, religious division, sexual division and finally, economic collapse.  And then, we will all be floating in the same boat except the government rescuers that caused this to happen in the first place.

Coincidence?  No,This is the plan and has been for 30 years!

By the time all this happens, no matter how mature populations of the existing illegals aliens here have become, no matter how much they will yearn for those freedoms that have made our country, to date, the richest country in the history of the world, it will be too late.

It is interesting that the very pillars of our country, the very virtues offered to all of us by our constitution, the very aromas that attract so many from afar and the promise that moves immigrants to seek, discover, and experience our country, will soon cease to exists as we know it.

Those who are largely the hungry and destitute, those hungry for food, opportunity, self determination and freedom will be at the same time, the final hoard that we will experience.  After that, there will be as many trying to escape that which they “en masse” collectively destroyed by taking advantage of our own immigration policies. And there will be nowhere to run.

Beware of what is really happening at our border.   Be aware of the overall plan to diminish this country to it’s lowest common denominator to achieve a socialist government where no hope will flourish.



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I am trying to build numbers so that we may become a formidable group ———– BECAUSE there is power in numbers.

Expect Part II soon on The Border — Haitians massing in Honduras to rush our borders in weeks!  How many? 85,000!