The Border   Part II


Yep, there is more to report on the border.

Presently, there are an estimated 60,000 plus Haitians marching from locations in Honduras to the Mexican-American Border.

Haiti is not part of South America, it is a Caribbean Country, that shares the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is across the Mona Passage from Puerto Rico.  It has a 94% black population most of whom are descendants of French slaves.  It is considered to be the poorest country in the western Hemisphere.  The literacy rate in Haiti is about 60%. Haiti is the oldest Black Democratic government and has never fared well due to exploitation of it’s people by it’s own government and business entities.  It has been completely deforested by the irresponsible harvesting of wood resources.

*How did 60,000 Haitians get from Haiti to central America?   That is 16 cruise ships or freighters of 4000 passengers each.  Haiti is 950 miles from Central America and at a dollar a mile, that is $950.00 per person.  How does an impoverished individual save a thousand dollars for such an ocean adventure?

The average Haitian earns about $4.00 per day before taxes there.  If he is working 5 days a week consistently, he earns about $15.00 per week, post tax or $65.00 per month.  It is reported that the per capita income there is about $1,600, dollars per year pretax..  That figure is an average for all workers in Haiti so my figures are close considering that there are some earning higher incomes that is reduced when averaging all incomes.

The logistics are not too difficult to guess. One has to get to the boat, take a 4-8 day voyage, disembark in Central America, gather and begin to plan their march to the U.S.border.  That trek could be more than a 1000 mile march taking 4 weeks or months depending on how things go and if they can average 20 miles per day, which is doubtful.

How do those people pay their ocean fare, eat for months, attend their toiletries, get medicines, water, etc.  If they all eat two meals a day times 60,000 plus at a cost of a dollar per meal, that figure is $120,000. per day just for meager foodstuffs.  How much does it cost to ferry 60,000 people a thousand miles per ocean vessel?  $0.25 per mile is $250 per person times 60,000 people equals, 15,000,000.dollars.

With all things considered this could be a $40,000,000.00 venture.

There are reasonable questions to ask and it should be easy to learn who is funding this venture and to what purpose? But no one is talking!

* Is the U.S. government involved in funding this venture?  Who else is helping to fund this march?

* Is there a premeditated human trafficking enterprise entwined in this venture?  What will happen to the unaccompanied minors within this march and afterwards?

* Are there drugs involved in this exercise?

* Are there plans to sell these people a bunch of electric cars or a slew of solar panels when they get here?

* Are we to believe that our national debt is so great that we are trying to build a bigger tax base with Haitian expertise?

* Are these people carrying diseases, the virus, or mental illness?

* Why would our government support, subsidize, or ignore this type of human abuse and subsequent illegal profit taking that enriches so many nefarious individuals and organizations?

* Is this another type of enslavement for black people perpetrated by slick talkers that sell the sizzle of living in the “USA” and of black philanthropy?

* Do they teach CRT in Haiti?

* Are there forms of indentured servitude involved where debt is repaid in the form of drug and human/sex trafficking?

* How will these people be disbursed into our country, into what areas/states and at what price paid by whom?  How much does 60,000 plus one way plane tickets to Haiti cost and who pays that with what money?

Haiti has always been considered a crime ridden and corrupt country, whether publicly acknowledged or not.  Check out the leadership of Papa Doc and his successor, Baby Doc in recent decades and you will learn very quickly just how those folks alone stole the country’s treasury.  It is reasonable to say that many will bring criminal intent or habit with them.

At this time, our State Department has declared Haiti a level four travel designation with a “Do Not Travel” statement for US citizens.  If the State Department believes that our citizens are at great risk by traveling to Haiti, then why would we support such an influx of these people into our country?

We can not continue to care for the dregs of the earth by killing the very mechanism that produces so much generosity, for in order to care for the unfortunate, we must be able to care for ourselves first!  More and more, our welfare and personal safety is at risk.


Be Aware of the long term plan to re-distribute your hard earned wealth!

Beware that your grand daughter might just be the next naive recipient of some good “just fresh over the border” drugs, but no worries, at first, it is free!  Then she can later begin to work off her drug habit by selling herself to anyone interested in an afternoon dalliance.


The department of Justice has pronounced that Parental complaints regarding the teaching of CRT to our children is in fact, a terrorist act and that parents do not have a right to determine curriculum for their children.  Government knows Best!

The attorney General is weaponizing federal agencies to intimidate Americans into compliance.  Agencies?  How about the FBI.

Sounds like news that you would hear about the new relationship between Hong Kong and China.

We need to make some noise NOW because that noise seems to be working.