Greetings Members and Readers,

We are so proud and pumped up that the silent majority is FINALLY showing itself.  Hopefully,  it is not too little, too late!

Target has lost 10 billion dollars with a B to date since their silly attempt to appease the sexually confused.

Budweiser has lost 20 billion dollars with a B to date since their poor business decision to market their beer.  Now they are spending a ton for patriotic advertising which seems to be a day late, a bit lame and a dollar short.  They have been overcome in sales by Modelo products and are no longer the top seller of light beer.  What a price to pay for actions that just prove that they are very ignorant of their customer base.  Pretty much, the only time folks consider woke/green beer is on St. Patrick’s day and now, they have lost that opportunity as well.  Let’s go Brandon!

Cracker Barrel lost 17 % in stock value in December and it is going to suffer further with the boycott that has begun now because of a bunch of silly rocking chairs.  When considering their debt, their vanishing sales, their price hikes implemented to counter inflation, they will suffer further, faster.

I will miss the fireplace, a hot chocolate and the anticipation of a wonderful breakfast soon coming my way.  They need to decide if they are in the food business or the social suicide business. It seems to be the latter.

All of this when most really do not give a damn that a tiny bunch of sexually confused people are so proud of their confusion. There is an old saying that “misery loves company”.

The US Navy is suffering even fewer recruits.  Not many remember the draft, where you have no choice but to pack and go — it is coming for many of the basement dwellers and others who only know how to aim their cell phone camera as opposed to a rifle.

ESG has been disrobed and turns out to be a woke scorecard that allows you, as a business or an individual, to more easily qualify for loans etc, it is like an equity credit score.   ESG is soon to be doomed and the businesses subjugated by ESG  to date are certainly learning that there is no safe way to satisfy both sides of that fence, except with prudent profit and loss scrutiny and that focus to deliver a quality product for a fair price is foremost, thru work.  Those mentioned above have learned that they are in the product business and not the kindergarten business.  The recent peak in interest is suddenly going south fast.

The school boards are suddenly getting more and more resistance and digital currency is being attacked.  There are several bills introduced by congress to deny digital currency.

Eggs are down to $1.89 a dozen.  That did not happen because the egg producers were making too much money.

Work at home is suddenly being determined an inefficient way to maximize a work force, especially in more “creative work”, probably because little work takes place without interpersonal group effort to at least insure that all are on the same page pursuing company goals.  Many think that shopping at Target is like work or multi-tasking if you have your phone with you.

And, the most recent persecution of Trump is chock full of positive influences for Trump.  I.E. Trumps polls up, clear evidence that the left is hysterical, Trump is no more and probably less guilty handling government documents than most, certainly when considering Biden and Hillary. Yet, no word about them but it is on the horizon.

Please note: if Trump is convicted and elected, he will pardon himself.  If he is not elected and convicted, the Repub elect will pardon him.  Winning this election can and will open the door to an opportunity to truly address some things, acts, and issues that have lain dormant for a few years and I am sure that the Biden family and Hillary have nightmares about a Trump victory for obvious reasons.  They will foam at the mouth alone in some basement for a while and we will come for them.  We will repair this societal and government effort to kill this country.  Your vote is critical beyond words.

Hunter Biden’s Judge in his child support case has promised jail time soon if Hunter does not come thru with income docs and there is the catch 22 for our sweet druggie. If he performs for the child support judge, he will incriminate himself further with his income statements.. If they are intentionally reported as low, he will be shown as a fraud and if he reports them accurately he will be suddenly aiding those that want to know just how much graft he has received from various companies worldwide not to mention that the IRS will be all over him as well. That is all going to work out nicely.  Please note that he has shared some of that graft with dear ole Dad and most of his family.  Another interesting plus for those seeking justice and truth.  I think that the figure now for the Biden family is around $30,000,000.00.

One conservative primary candidate has promised that the first thing that he will do if elected, will be to abolish the Department of Education.  It just don’t get any better than that.

It seems that some liberals, independents, conservatives and a lot of beer drinkers have finally reached the end of their rope and are screaming, ENOUGH!

In the confusion of the woke agenda, and the smoke from Canada, we are finally landing on a plateau of clarity.  There are many that are beginning to understand the consequences if we do not speak out and change our present day direction.  Please join us in that.

It is not coincidental that all the cornerstones of freedom are being attacked at once.  Energy, currency, education, Christianity, individualism, integrity in government, national sovereignty ( the border etc.), media prudence, work ethic, military might, strategic oil reserve, morality, and even vocabulary are under attack to produce nothing but contrived babble to effect a fractured society, a world wide meltdown and an eventual one world subjugation for most.

The above mentioned foundations of freedom are being destroyed using seemingly worthy concerns as excuses, like racism, global warming, pandemic and equity.  They are smoke screens to rationalize rampant spending, the ruination of our energy infrastructure, our social cohesiveness, patriotism and our religions preparatory to total subjugation.

If we do not immediately push back, there will come a day when we begin to understand that which has been stolen from us in the name of the almighty Nanny state and our only recourse will be to sit down, shut up, and enjoy our ration of rice for that day,  Better stock up on salt, pepper and butter!

Be Aware:  Read my article on How to steal a country please and read Revelations.  We are confronted by evil and those that want what we have.

Challenge questions:  I dare you to pursue the answers to these questions!

Why is China hoarding food and buying up our farmlands?

Why are we switching to digital currency and an eventual cashless society?

Why are the schools not teaching American or World history?

Why have we depleted our strategic oil reserve?

Was COVID just a test to see how well a virus will spread?

Have you read the communist manifesto? It is a must read.  Know thy enemy and see the plan unfolding before you very eyes.

How are things going for the people in Venezuela, Hong Kong, Cuba, and South Africa?

Do you really think that the communists and the Arabs are going to embrace Pride month?  Muslims do not tolerate homosexuals in any form.

Who is going to repay the 38 trillion dollar national debt that will exist in 10 years?

Beware:  Careful for what you wish  —  you are about to get it!

The very generations that are pushing all this woke stuff are going to be the sole recipients of their actions.  The Boomers will pretty much be gone from this earth, Gen x will be aging out and working very little, trading their corroded electric car for an antique iron pot and a few beans — which pretty much leaves the Millennials and Gen Z to face the wreckage of their brave new woke world. The woke will finally learn what a hoe handle will do to your hands, how hard a mule can kick and what the word “Tired” really means.

If the scrambling of our values and virtues persists, please know that my cat eats better today than you will in ten years. In order to protect the comforts that we enjoy today, we must protect the tools that insure the freedoms that allow and sustain those comforts.

Maybe, some time between now and the impending economic collapse that will show itself, we will actually have time to do one last pig roast, enjoy a real hayride, bob an apple and talk to each other face to face by the fire with some cider, maybe some shine and a great home grown cigar.

Truly, good and evil co-exist in the same time and space.  We must act and be careful how we choose our way.

click the red to buy the book, “Communist Manifesto”.  it is six bucks on amazon. Know thy enemy or a version of that enemy.