Greetings Members,

If we take a few minutes to contemplate the temperature of our nation these days, we can come away with a few notions that shows some consistency. It strikes me that a lot of the emotional silliness is very inconsistent with normality, in fact so inconsistent, that it becomes consistent and real for those lost in self discovery.

One of the elements that has been demonstrated over and over again is an element of fear in our society.  We have become fearful of everything in recent times and to list our fears won’t really be necessary in it’s largest context but let’s try to name a few.

We worry about our house burning down, about car accidents, losing our job, COVID and other health issues that might show themselves.  Maybe we worry about our neighbor, certainly our children and Grand Ma,

We worry about our budget, too many bills, not enough savings, credit card spending, etc.  But, though there may be an element of fear connected to all the above worries that we tap our feet over, most of it is healthy concern for planning, implementing and executing to fulfill goals and to diminish anxiety..

Although it is a statement that can be argued easily, we believe that we can control our lives or at least, be prepared for most of the curve balls that we will be challenged with in our life times.  There is a saying, “Men plan, God laughs”.  Never the less, we do attend to the best of our ability to reduce our exposure to major bumps in the road.

Maybe now is the time to define FEAR for a more clear understanding of this writing.

Fear starts in the brain from a threat stimulus, such as the sight of a rattle snake in the grass near your foot, which triggers a fear response which activates areas in the body that would be involved in preparation for motor functions needed for a flight or fight decision.

The universal trigger for fear is the threat of harm, real or IMAGINED.  This threat can be for our physical, emotional or psychological well-being.  While there are certain things that trigger fear in most all of us, we can learn to become afraid of most anything.  You have probably heard the quote, The only thing that we have to fear, is fear itself; meaning that the fear response in us may be more damaging than the perceived threat itself.

In recent decades in our society, we have all been taught to fear: Nuclear melt down in W.W. III or the threat of communism changing the way we live, and now the dreaded COVID.

It should occur to us all that never before have we been instructed so very deliberately, to fear a virus.  Covid is definitely serious and has caused death in large numbers, but so does the flu.  In the USA, 60,000 +/- die, every year.  Small pox, tuberculosis, yellow fever, polio, aides and more have been experienced by many still alive in this country and though we were made aware of such dangers and offered a free jab, we were not forced to take a remedy for such potential illnesses.

Just maybe there is more to government’s role in compelling us to get the jab for Covid than meets the eye and that just might be for two reasons:  Such a government response is related to massive profiteering / government pandering and/or a sublime guilt response for creating the damn virus in the first place. The best way to succeed in calming such guilt and to simultaneously benefit in dollars is to create abnormal public FEAR capitalizing upon the emotionally indecisive human products of a warped education system.

Our youth, defined as under 30 years of age for our purposes, have been taught to fear everything.  How so?

The curriculum in our schools do not teach strength, nor does it instill confidence to be used facing the challenges in the real world. In fact, it teaches that “masculinity” is toxic and defers to picking apart meaningless ideas and words used in our world to give a feeling of being an assertive champion working to prevent any tender soul a disturbing day. This has been going on for three decades in our schools.  Remember, everyone gets a trophy just for showing up. You didn’t lose, you just did not win.

The latest is the baseball industry, that has been pressured to change the term “bull pen”,( which is a place that is fenced off where a pitcher can warm up confident that any fans will not get hit with an errant throw).  Now, there are those that are extremely concerned that that term causes images of Bulls being fenced in miserably and abusively.  Really, what a burden!

The point is that this type of learned thinking eventually produces more of the same meaningless effort to affect more meaningless results and soon, the non-rewards become clear that the champion for bulls becomes very frustrated because there are just not enough bull pen issues to fix so as to protect little Johnny from a dreamed up mental image of miserable bulls.  I wonder how he feels when eating a hamburger?  I know, you guys protect lil’ Johnny from imagined images and change the name of the Washington Redskins, so that the native Americans don’t get their feelings hurt on the way to the bank and we will try to save the constitution.

This trend is producing non entity people, where all people are referred to with non-specific words, like “pregnant person”, because calling one a pregnant woman just might hurt that persons’ feelings.  This silliness seems hardly worth the effort to mention but it is causing non specific entities that look like people great problems in addressing the pressures of normal living, where not only can they NOT fix our society, so no one ever gets his feelings hurt but they can not even identify or fix themselves. I wonder if they would have had their feelings hurt on the Bataan death march or while watching their fellow countrymen die in a gas chamber in Germany.

This BS produces insecurity, low esteem and frustration which eventually turns into a paranoid driven fear.  These folks are suddenly afraid of everything.  Guess what follows the fear?  Anger!.

Meanwhile, the media sells fear to these hot house flowers, every moment of every day about everything and social media profits by allowing these pitiful souls to manufacture more frustration, hate, tantrums, fear and anger on their world wide platform.  The government is hyping on Covid immunization which might be as dangerous as the actual virus and requiring the wearing of a mask when most, stated in a different sound bite on the media, verbally declare that masks might really not work but it is nice that 50 billion of them have been sold.

A whole new group of non entity youth are suddenly trying to justify their sexual confusion by accusing anybody available of not appreciating their confusion or better than that, they are seeking recognition by labeling their confusion and begging for government to validate them with some form of legislation.

And for this discussion, people of color read and listen constantly to a media that is suddenly telling them that they are despised by whites and the schools are teaching them that the entire governmental and business structure is systemically racist and is designed to keep them in their place, what ever that means.  I am sure that Tiger Woods WANTS to stay in any one of his places including his $20,000,000.00 dollar yacht!

It is a boiling caldron where the insecure fuel the low esteemed and the low esteemed seem to rush to accomplish something to improve their own idea of themselves by tearing down a statue of Good Ole Abe or of George Washington, all of whom are led and funded by the absentee powers or some emotionally crazed Hollywood star that has begun to believe that he/she is a great person because of the make believe role he recently played in a red box movie.

We have seen blacks looting black businesses, burning black owned autos and destroying black owned residences in the name of Black Lives Matter and just down the block, the little Asian kids are at home studying so that they might pass muster at Yale, meanwhile, the white guy, age 35, is sitting in his father’s basement wondering why he is too afraid to get a job and his own apartment.  There just seems to be no jobs available.

All this is about FEAR or FEAR turned to Anger.   FEAR caused by contradictory policy, thousands of tempests in teapots, low self esteem and the boiling caldron fueled by social media and the lame stream media.

Remember this.  We are affected by all these 8 second films and soundbites for sure but the really fearful are those that understand their contribution to this social fabric destruction, in the media, in the congress, in the senate, in the school system, in corporate business and social media, make them culpable and they are quaking in their boots.

Ask Nancy or AOC  how they feel everyday with their legends of security or in the capitol building cowering under their desks petrified thinking that finally, they had undone themselves. Ask the folks at the national school board when they declared a few complaining parents, domestic terrorists and sought out the FBI for relief.

Trust that we, the righteous right, numbering in the tens of millions, are still fearless, can be moved to action and are taking notes on just what is going on.  We are not moved or intimidated by the lost left or their struggles to define themselves even at their own peril.

As usual, the left has become our best hope for their ideological demise come election day. As they ramp up to fend off the onslaught to show itself at the poles, know that their energy is born of FEAR and desperation.  Our actions are born of RESOLVE!  We will unite NOW and demonstrate that mankind’s best hope is a moral democratic society.

Do not wait, take action, become verbal and let the non entity humans struggle in their own abyss.  Maybe they can force the change of the word “Pope” to the word, “Pimp”, while we save the Constitution.  I am sure that all the bulls in the country are happier with the name change of the bull pen, but they do not vote.

Be aware that this country can not withstand too much more of this alternate universe stuff for the golden goose is bleeding to death. Violence is not the answer so we choose an unemotional united action with our congressmen, senators, with a focus on the polls very soon.  These people are afraid and are delivering some pretty ridiculous statements to justify their pretty ridiculous actions.  Remember Nancy, experienced with more years in government than her followers are old,  reminding us that you have to pass the bill before you can read it.

Guess what?  In recent days, a California teacher finally decided to take her elementary school class on a field trip.  Ah, a breath of fresh air especially coming from California.  Picture green fields, seascapes, a picnic, rocky cliffs, volley ball, babbling brooks, etc.  Oops, my mistake: She took them to a gay bar.

Beware of our inaction.  Unite, Make some noise, Express yourselves, Take a stand and join the “Society”.