Greetings Members and Readers,

It might a be a bit late but we are going to attempt to reach out to our Congress and our Senate for some down and dirty, nitty gritty confrontation.

There comes a time when some direct communication with our government is necessary however, we are (as citizens) prevented from communicating publicly, eyeball to eyeball with them.

It seems that they are too important or too inept to actually allow themselves to endure a direct public confrontation with “We the People”.   They want scripted, choreographed meetings, so as to be prepared to spin the conversation to their benefit, generally evading a true and direct answer on any topic.  And this is the consistent error of their methods and ways that separates them from their constituency while simultaneously, they continue to wreck our country.

We, the public, are treated as if we are too ignorant or naive to engage in any real conversation but please know that most of us can add, subtract, multiply and divide.  We know the difference between red ink and black ink and we can pretty much determine that (for example) it is not in our country’s best interest to sell off our strategic oil reserve that is meant to get us through hard times and/or to sustain our military in an event that would require an instant fuel source for our armed forces.  Moreover, to sell such assets to our enemies like Russia, is not in any manner to be considered a sane action, not even for a financial commission earned by “good ole boys” or relatives.

We are not blind, nor are we so disconnected from the reality of what actually does transpire in D.C. that we should be accused of drawing emotional conclusions or being paranoid.  If it smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it generally is a duck.

There are connected folks, both “good ole boys” and relatives that are acting as agents for monetary gain that might be shared with those of you that can make things like that happen.    Duh!

Our founding fathers of yesteryear, even with their moral deficiencies of that day, have been quoted from their written documents, many times, that a Democratic Republic can not be kept without a moral governing body and society.

A 31 trillion debt is absurd and borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars from China every day (just so we can get thru the day) is even more absurd. Not to forget that our unfunded liabilities that persist; that amount said to be at least twice that amount, an additional 60 trillion dollars.

There are real issues with any governing body, Pubs and Dems that knowingly run their country into the ground consistently, decade after decade.

We have questions:  We expect answers.  Not answers conjured up by some stuttering spin artist, but real answers that address our leaders’ real intent. How long can you pretend to act in our best interests without a balanced budget in place, without term limits for our Senators and without any accountability to U.S. tax payers?

They are as follows:

  •  How can a community organizer, that earns an average of $250 thousand dollars a year, before taxes, afford a 12 million dollar house on the New England shore.   Where did that money come from?
  • Why do we continue to borrow major dollars every day from China and simultaneously, allow our corporations to hide within the borders of China causing massive dollar reserves to reside in China rather than our country?
  • Why are we allowing China to buy up our farmlands in this country?  We will soon not even control our own food sources?
    Why are we selling our “Strategic Reserve” petroleum to Russia or anyone else for that matter?  Does the geographic location of petroleum consumption improve carbon footprint?  When will Russia begin to use electric military vehicles for it’s war with Ukraine?  Do bombs, rockets, and nukes affect the carbon footprint internationally?
  • When did the Department of Education decide that they have the right to ignore parental rights regarding their children and when did the teacher’s union decide that they have the right to teach the likes of dreamed up BS, I.E., CRT, sexual orientation and white guilt?
  • If race is not to be considered an element of concern in our society, why is the government the only entity that tracks such information and/or mandates that other entities like the IRS, the school system, banks and labor, track such statistics for them?
  • Is Biden’s coveted Corvette an electric car?  Does Biden own an electric car?  No?  Does he own a gas range that he uses in his “Private” home.  Why is that house suddenly deemed private and more importantly, why are “We the People” paying for his fence at great cost? Does he have plans to tear that wall down after he is ousted from his office or will he  just repay us with some of his “Big Guy” income from Russian oil sales? Or none of the above!
  • Good news — Biden has lowered heroin use in general in the states with his brilliant handling of the border.  Fentanyl has ruined the heroin business.

There  are hundreds more questions that we would like to present to our bankrupt leaders. Yes, bankrupt, financially and morally in methods and decorum.  But we will wait to get a response to those queried above.  We would not want to overwork these folks nor would we want to interrupt or have them forego one of their $185. salad lunches complete with a glass of Pelosi wine.

Remember,” We the People” are sorely held responsible for your poorly rationalized methods used for decades gone by with no concern shown by yourselves at the consistently low and failing congressional approval ratings, that is until just before election times.

When can we expect some answers?