Greetings Member Patriots and reader Patriots,

There are many topics yet to be explored and discussed, but I was reminded by a New reader just the other day that good news is seldom heard….

It is difficult to flip the sickness that seems to be rampant among our lost Americans that can only think of tearing down that very society of freedoms that have provided all of us with the right to “BE”.  I suppose that goes unnoticed by those that “Aren’t” to the extent that rather than rejoice in being, they seek very important social changes like coercing the Washington Redskins to change the team name.  Wearing all of your feelings and insecurities on your sleeve is probably exhausting for sure, but dreaming up new non word pronouns to label fellow humans is a bridge too far.  I am saddened to learn that so many are buying into such exercises because, generally that is producing further confusion for most folks.  Maybe confusion is just a step or two from division.

This stuff is not minor stuff, so do not allow me to accidentally minimize it..  CRT is a powerful tool to recreate our children into non Americans.  Homogenization is happening to take individuality from the individual and to leave that human being just another unit of the subjugated whole. I am minimizing the lack of thought, critical thought, that is currently generating the voluntary surrender of individuality and thus individual freedoms, interestingly enough in the name of individuality.  Sort of like burning black businesses in the name of Black Lives Matter.

I am contented to “be” that which I am, as described by the confused.  A male, a toxic male, a Christian person that insists on a female partner that is not offended to be referred to as she, her, darling, sweet thing, or Mother of my children.  One might consider that Socialism, Communism and variations of both spend a lot of energy to defrock their subject citizens to clearly destroy the possibilities and effectiveness of the “individual”, where the nondescript masses are then united without an original thought, wholly contented by their common subjugation.

These above mentioned attempts to homogenize all of us with the invention of a new language which accommodates the division we are seeing in our society is, book, chapter and verse, the exact methods needed to cause a desired result that would have us dependent upon the government for all things as long as we sing their song, and as the freebies begin to disappear, we will need to sing that song louder with conviction.

This administration is manipulating fuel prices to go up, food costs to go up, shortages by slowing the distribution chain and our currency devaluation by flooding the country and world with more and more worthless dollars.  (Please note that another word for devaluation is inflation). Why?  To achieve power, To demonstrate the reality of Climate Change, to further The Green New Deal and to weaken our country by destroying the currency of the world,  the U.S.Dollar.

Well, where is the good news?

The good news is that there are Tens of millions of folks in this country just like us.  They are not confused, they revel in who they are and they work hard to achieve and succeed as an individual, a family member and as one of purpose in their community, church, town, county, state and country.  They know that they have individual rights granted by the Constitution and that they do not have to ask permission or for approval for their sexual preference, their method of worship or the color of their skin.  They are not swayed by these pitiful attempts to homogenize and they pity those that so seriously strive to condemn our norms, the English language and our legacy as a charitable, moral and tolerant country.  And “they” are finally being moved to demonstrate their revulsion at these silly efforts to kill individualism.  We are much stronger in numbers than we realize as shown in recent elections in Virginia, etc.  We are not alone — the quiet right is becoming more and more “not so quiet”.

These lost souls that champion neutral terms in all things, fear the power of the individual and his or her contributions to this society and they cower to a democratic republic that reveres first, individual rights offered all of us by God through the Constitution.  The entire Constitution is only about “We the People” and “individual rights”.

These tools are our weapons of the moment and Our Best Hope is that the Libs/Dems continue to bury themselves in the idea of the Homogenized States of America.

Bless them for as they continue their irrational schemes to change the moral, the economic and religious fabric of our country, they ultimately will become our 1st motivators to step in and take our country back from the psychologically lost and the blindly led by influences that they themselves do not even know exist, all of this in the face of major national elections clearly in sight.

America is not nondescript, we are not confused, and we are not afraid.  We are or have been, if anything, Too Complacent and Too Tolerant and that is finally changing.    WAKE UP!  For if not now, it will be to the sounds of a Civil War!

Beware of complacency

Be Aware, that the lost, confused and the emotionally inept can and will destroy this country on a whim and an 8 second sound bite and then wonder how all this happened as they take the bus back to their soon to be repossessed father’s basement.