Greetings members and readers,

Sometimes one just has to tell it like it is.

As usual, in most all things concerning world affairs, the seedy, ego-maniacal, money changing leaders and their support teams, have shown us that no life, province, or sovereign nation is safe from the ever existing need to expand power generally, so as to keep that power, more powerfully.

The Ukraine is first page news every hour of every day for the last week or so and as usual, the common folks in the Ukraine, that is to say, the workers and non powerful people there that are just trying to get through the day, good people with a patriotic attitude about their independence from Russia, their focus on family, etc.  They are getting the crap stomped out of them while they fearlessly defend their own dirt. They are being bombed, maimed, dislocated, displaced  and killed as they courageously defend their turf, their families and their borders. So far, they have at great costs been so successful with their defense, that the world is taking a hard look at all of this and the Russians are quietly astounded and equally worried that they may not be successful with their premeditated theft.

The commodities at the center of this aggression are oil, wheat, other farm products, bread basket land and most importantly, a precedent to be set so they, the Russians, may continue their gathering of ex USSR countries back into the fold.  Poland may be next.  My bet is that it will be.

It is notable, that in this clash, not only did Putin lie to the world but he lied to his own military and is getting large push back from his soldiers and his state owned press organizations.

Now, before I am criticized for praising the whole of the Ukraine, please be aware that the Ukraine is at the same time, a hotbed of skullduggery, where all evil endeavors are employed to gain more power and wealth.  If you do not believe me, ask Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and perhaps most of the government clan led by our revered Barrack O’bummer.  Barack is living in a 12 plus million dollar house on our north eastern shore partly because of the Oligarchs of the Ukraine that bequeathed him with a thank you note a time or two, and Hunter has pulled several million, 6 plus, from both countries, Russia and the Ukraine, not to mention a juicy salary for his skilled input, thanks to his over night, sage like knowledge of the oil and natural gas industries here and there, or probably, his world wide knowledge of those endeavors when he has some time.  He is busy coloring and doing water colors for the needy patrons of the arts as you know.

Meanwhile, the NATO nations are stuck in their deliberations regarding “Sanctions” placed to cause Russia a difficult time in days to come.  Even Germany, and a few other countries are suddenly paying their dues to NATO and strengthening their borders in anticipation of all out war in Europe.  China is licking their chops lending money to all takers and are not asking Russia to slow it’s roll at all.  Russia has unknowingly become the super dupe for China and so far, happy to do it.  China is looking for a precedent so that they may take similar action in their area of the world.

Nuclear readiness is being discussed in all nuclear capable nations and here in the USA!   Al Gore and Teresa Heinz’ husband , are going on international record, reminding us all, that we should not worry too much about all of this, lest we forget that Climate Change is our greater enemy these days. It seems that they are most interested in selling their carbon credits and to hell with a bunch of nuclear fall out.  And of course, so far, Joe’s best idea is to continue to crush our petroleum industry preferring to buy Russian oil, Saudi oil or Venezuelan oil,  never mind that those funds derived from Russian oil sales are in fact purchasing more ammo to share with the Ukraine.

Somehow it has been determined that Russian or Opec oil has less impact on our climate issues, this idea most probably another benefit of being connected with the petro-sage, Hunter Biden.  Thank goodness for his input.  I will bet that he has sold some art to Putin.

So, we in America, suffer inflation, much more expensive gas prices, refrain from heating our homes properly as our energy trade deficit further erodes the value of our dollar internationally, Hunter sells more art, Barack hires a new landscape specialists, Al gore gets a bigger airplane and Nancy prospers from inside stock trades.  We don’t know what John Kerry is selling but his wife is selling a lot of ketchup. And the Ukrainian people die by the day as the little short Hitler like dude from Russia continues to have his ego tantrums.

The Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs, the really rich folks with political power, are suddenly losing their wealth hand over fist and will soon deal with this Ukrainian debacle, sort of a mafia war, while good men do nothing but dither with little press releases as we in the USA stand shamefully by, frozen in spineless indecision.

The Biden’s have a real problem trying to determine how to bite the hands that have been feeding them and/or deciding which hand to bite first.

I am ashamed to one more time conclude that our leaders in this country are inept political prostitutes, from both parties, totally encumbered by their special interests obligations and received pay offs, with no real concern for the welfare of our nation or the hard working citizens of the world.

It will probably please anyone concerned with global warming that “nuclear winter” will stop that trend to warmth in it’s tracks and that the few of us left on this earth will not leave any significant carbon footprint.  Also, I am just guessing, if that time does come, the survivors will stop crying the blues because of their skin color or their sexual persuasion and decide that work might be a good idea in order to secure some food, shelter and indoor climate control.

We, as a nation, because of our corrupt leaders, are seen as the most powerful nation on earth rendered to impotence thru our preference to use every crisis as an opportunity to steal, even repeating their political mantra to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Use it to steal, feather one’s nest and blame those actions on some silliness like covid mask mandates.

Remember that inflation is a consequence of too much money following too few goods and if rampant inflation persists, then that inflation can become a permanent devaluation of the dollar, both here and abroad.  One more way to reduce the quality of life here to the lowest common denominator internationally.

Beware — of the impotence our country has brought upon itself, for we have been, thru our leaders, sold out for their personal gain.

Be aware —  evil can only persist when good men choose to do nothing.  The good men of the Ukraine are putting up a sensational resistance.

Of course, the USA, is contributing, so far we have sent them a bunch of bug spray.