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There is much concern among consumers about the present day trends to kill the petroleum industry and how that will affect us all.  And then, there is the military to consider.  How will they fare.

First, if that happens, we will need more coal.  Presently about 60% of all the electricity generated in the U.S is powered by fossil fuels.  That includes natural gas, coal, and liquid fuel.  So, we will be mostly in the dark, hot or cold without hot water and refrigeration.

Does not sound too comfy to me.

There are thousands of items produced with by products of petroleum that we use in our daily lives, including cell phones. You will be surprised.

In order to seek out and share researched information, I’m including a link so that you will get the short list on all of that.
There are thousands more.

My point is that we are not quite ready to kill such an enterprise.  It is true that we need to become more proactive regarding carbon but I am not feeling good about the rush toward electric cars, trucks, etc.

They require large amounts of petroleum products to produce, they do not perform well for trips over 250 miles, it is a lengthy process to re-charge the batteries, and one might have to sit in line to get a re-charge.  If three cars are ahead of you and each charge requires 35 minutes, your fuel stop just went from 10 minutes for gas to 2 and a half hours for battery recharge.

Replacement batteries are going to cost upwards to $4-6000.00 and the disposal of the old battery will average $2000.00 every 5 years to be generous. There are many environmental concerns attached to large battery disposal and that represents one more contaminant disposed into our environment. Weather in your geographic area will be a concern. Batteries have a hard time in very frigid weather. An electric heater in your car, music, gps, ac and driving lights are going to suck up a lot of forward motion energy as well.

In time perhaps, there will be better technology to accommodate such endeavors down the road but I am feeling that we are pushing too hard too fast to move from petro to electric.  The proof is to be observed as we proceed.

Just remember your gasoline bill might drop a few hundred dollars more or less, but your electric bill will rise by a few hundred or more as well. And you will be delayed often.

Oh, The U.S. military (department of defense) uses $4,600,000.00 gallons per day.

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