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You guessed it.  One can not make this stuff up.

In recent days, weeks and months, we have seen many examples demonstrating that “woke” is not working for those that choose equity over and above business acumen.  It is just possible that woke equity is going to result in reducing us all to the lowest common denominator and thru that equity, we will all become equal.

It is interesting that most these days, the younger persuasion can not do math without the aid of a calculator or computer.  You have seen it in the grocery check out counter and certainly at your local quick stop convenience stores.  That is generally about the poor educational system that has been a reality for more years than we want to admit.  35 years… New math is difficult for us lame folks that can do the math in our heads at the counter. We know that if we have a ten dollar bill and our amount due is $9.27 that if we offer $10.27, we should receive a 1 dollar bill in change and thus our unused ashtray in the car does not accumulate more change that seems virtually impossible to retrieve when trying to extract it at the car wash.  I have seen it over and over and sometimes I end up with a dollar in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters after much effort by the person at the register that just does not get it.  It is all really minor stuff but one has to ask, “Is this trickle down equity or desperate hiring practices?”  Maybe both.

As if that is not bad enough, we are confronted now with companies that are hiring and making business decisions based upon race and creed, (equity) rather than capability at the register, or in writing a sales invoice or in driving a truck and best of all so far, flying a commercial airplane.  I am not sure anymore if I will submit to cataract surgery down the road.

More importantly, the cost of doing business within these companies / corporations is going up and up when cost effective performance in going down the tubes.  Example:  Twitter and more, you know who they are.  Equity and being “fair” which a  lame word, seems to be much more important than staying in business, not the least, satisfying stock holders with a return on their investments.

In most businesses, a bank is lurking somewhere in the picture.  Without a bank, companies often can not sustain a consistent cash flow to avoid missed payrolls, low inventory supply, continued production deficits or skate on the most important issue, customer service.  When customer service is lacking, ultimately, when any one of these components fail, many employees and customers go missing and the business balance is more and more injured.  The business plan unravels to failure.  Timing, acumen and the math decide it all.

Now take all this information, which is stated in the simplest form and apply it to the business called a bank;.  They basically borrow money from their depositors or the federal bank at a low rate and loan it out at a higher rate. They depend upon the  credit worthiness of their borrowing customers and thus those repayments to make the merry go round continue to go round, merrily. They simultaneously depend upon the business acumen of their borrowers to accomplish the anticipated and promised repayments based upon their applications of those business axioms of business and yes, math.

Now, we are seeing that acumen skewed in businesses and yes, the business of banking with the idea of equity first, where performance is put on the back burner.  In the name of fairness and inclusion, the delicate balance of the business process, ever present in business is pushed to a place of stagnation to failure.

I am not sure what is fair about hiring the incompetent in order to achieve equity when the inevitability of failure for all is glaring.  When the business shuts down all will experience a collective equity with no paycheck.

It would generally be a given, that when the banks that are essential to business, begin to make their lending decisions based upon a posture of equity, those decisions made by equity oriented employees of that bank, that these results seen recently, should not be a surprise.

The formulas of business and math, are not tolerant of poor performance burdened by hiring criteria that is anything less than streamlined expertise, focused hard work, uncluttered business plans, total dedication and complete commitment.

I can not declare that these ailments in our country are due to the seeking of equity but once again, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feathers and hangs out in the nearby pond, it is likely to be a duck.

I can declare that poisoning the formulas that are equated with successful business with cultural desire, politics and religion are and always have been ill advised for a reason.

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As I write these articles, I often conclude that I am simply stating observed and researched truths regarding so many topics that we are confronted with these days.  Somewhere, we all need a plan to combat these dangerous trends found in our society or we will just become very informed victims.  Conscious action becomes necessary!

We need to vet businesses and banks to determine what they stand for, why they do business and what they expect to achieve by displaying and acting upon their cultural and political posture.  Do business with those that have acumen and a successful track record as opposed to those that cling to the trends of the day to attract customers.

Seek out conservative companies to supply your needs.  As difficult as it is, buy American only.  Shut  down the cash exit from our country to China and or other professed enemies.  Why fund their aggressive actions toward us?  We need to begin to understand that the power of the purse IS real power and if by no other means, in that way we can make a difference in just months.  Please hear my words.. For a while, buy American or do without!  If you do not like the price of eggs, stop buying  them.  It will only take a month to see results.  Have you noticed that the price hikes in toilet paper and paper towels have not come back down even though Covid is considered done and over for now.

Hypothetically stated: If the countries of the world are all in the “red” in a big way and they include the USA, what better way to force a one world government and a new one world currency than to aide and abed the demise of the world’s economies by changing the subject toward cultural rants and political stance.  If this can be achieved, all the debts of all nations will be forgiven and a new world economy thru a new world government will then emerge with new currency. What happens to these people that are owed all this money?  It trickles down to total world wide strife.

Our heads are turned by the crime, social disobedience and upside down thinking while the chips are falling in the exact order necessary to accomplish a world wide melt down and thus, a revival thru one world everything.  The problem with that is that we will all be reduced to an existence that has nothing to do with goals, prosperity or human rights, but rather poverty and strife like we have never known.

Please act and educate your neighbor for the time has come to face demonstrated facts or not.  We have to act in a manner that will put pressure and thwart those efforts that will destroy our independence as a nation and as individuals while we prepare for what may become our reality in the near future.  One hears the term more and more, “collective future” and I ask you to think about that term… What countries profess interest in the “collective?”  I have used that word several times in this article for a reason.

Be aware: that what we are experiencing are not just transient or fleeting coincidences

Beware:  failure to act as prescribed above and then some, will simply allow this hypothesis to become an experienced event

NOTE:  Reparations are once again on the news in recent days. The people California have one more time demonstrated that they have totally lost their “collective minds”.  To refresh:   check out my ideas on reparations, please read my article, Freedom.  Fair is fair.  I believe that my comments are as reasonable as any other, just ask the surviving families of the union soldiers that died in that war effectively erasing the complex and immoral practice of slavery.  400,000 of them.

It gives me the shivers to recommend that you read and decipher the book of Revelations if you are so inclined. It seems more and more to be an applicable writing that we all should be concerned with if not now, when?